Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ummmmmmmm feeling weeird now... kinda loopy?

im feeling kind of looooooooooooooooooopy and i dont really know why, iss been a strange day. im not bragging here ( ahem plushie, who seems infinitely annoyed with my elation of this subject), just stating facts... im out of school, so i got to sleep in (yaaaay) well, till 9 anyways, couldnt sleep after then which is surprising since i was up all hours of the night thinking... thats what thinking did for me! anyways, so then i had to babysit the sibs, and i got alot more time to think which kind of scared me. i swear i have multiple personalities... so heres the story for anyone who doesnt know.
1. adorable guy says he got fb so he could talk to me
2. talk to guy, we apparently like each other. cool beans...
3. guy calls my father then meets him to discuss whatever (agh, really? soooo lame)
4. guy says very sweet nice things to me
5. guy doesnt talk to me for a week
6. guy tells me he wants to be friends, makes several excuses
7. i get mad
8. i get over it
thats what happened, whatever. it was my own fault, i should have seen right through him but i didnt, im usually not so... erm i dunno, willing to believe a guy, but i did and now i learned my lesson the hard way. but its funny, once i got over the hurt, i was kind of relieved, cuz the more i thought about it, the more i realized hey~ i have like nothing in common with this guy... wow, that could have been awkward... and stuff like that. so maybe its a blessing in disguise? whatever.
so my sister and i were watching americas nxt top model today (guilty confession here, i love that show!!!!) and so now she is in my room dressing the barbies in skimpy outfits and instructing them to " use their faces to convey their emotions" yeah, it kind of scares me. man, i love her to death!!!!

more later, my internet is going to shut off!!!

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  1. Well, I'm not mad about that anymore, we only have a week left anyway.