Friday, June 18, 2010

and just forget the world

song of the day: chasing cars... i luv this song, its rly pretty and i got some sheet music for it today but it doesnt sound great, it wasnt written for piano :/
today. it was sooo long. okay it izzzz so long, since its still going but some interesting things have happened, observe:
1. our outside freezer broke so i watched my dad try to shove everything into the inside freezer... and fail
2. my brother and sister acquired two tadpoles
3. i drew horton the elephant in our driveway (actually that was yesterday but my yesterday post didnt rly say much so ill tell you today)
4. i went on a nice looong bike ride everywhere around town, hitting every street atleast twice, and the hill once... i swear, biking down it @ top speed? i felt like i was gonna sprout wings!
5. we had an ant infestation on our back patio which appeared to be a love fest, they were all erm... rite, anyways
6. my dad bought reeeeel bacon for dinner~ my mum always buys turkey bacon, not as good
7. i cleaned my roon (GASP) mum made me :/ really mum????
8. when i went running at 7 it was sunny, by the time i got home, showered, dressed and on the computer, it thundered once, rained for about 10 minutes, and now it is blaazing hot!
9. ummmm yeah thats about it
so my day has been long and blah. tonite i have to go watch leah play softball... i would much rather stay here bcuz its nice and cool in the basesment, and everywhere else it is HOT! i swear, its like 10 degrees colder down here, sooo nice. alrite bloggers, now its your turn, tell me something you did or saw that was interesting today... or ill make you eat livvvverrrr!! (mwahahaha)


  1. I hung my feet out of the window while my mom was driving back to Sunfield. And some kids asked me to take their picture, but the camera like turned off, so I had to give it back. Then it worked again and I felt bad.

  2. oh i luv doing that, my mum always yells at me for it tho... feet out the window i mean. ha~ poor kids. so did you ever take their picture? sounds like your just bad luck!

  3. I don't see what the big deal is, it's not like anything can reach your feet withoiut taking the mirror too. No, I didnt, I'm just not good with cameras, I am bad luck, I emit bad luck like some kind of bad luck charm.

  4. exactly! its a control thing, like a complex.. all parents are programmed with it in them! i dunno, i never took you as the emitting bad luck kind... like you dont generally fall flat on your face or break million dollar things you cant pay for, then again sometimes the little things are worse :/