Saturday, June 19, 2010

ohhh i feel like crap.

ugh. i now regret sitting outside in the rain for hours last nite. i knew it wasnt good for me, i knew it, but i couldnt resist! and its not like it was raining hard, it wasnt even raining at all as it got later in the night, just a bit breezy. but cold and damp nonetheless. so i had a teensy sore throat b4 that, like oh that feels really dry lemme get some more water, sore... and this morning and all day, it has been getting worse. like i can talk fine, but it hurts. as does swallowing. and clearing my throat. all basic things i usually take forgranted. and guess what, we only have naaaasty cough drops that are "honey lemon" yeah rite, try crap and mint. eew. so if anyone has yummy cough drops and wants to send them via computer, please do. maaaaaaaaaan it hurrrrts!!okay im gonna ignore that for a moment and discuss the storm so i dont sound more whiny than i already have. THE STORM: so we were at leahs game and everyone was like omgosh, theres a triple storm threat for barry county and blah blah blah but they kept playing until around 8 when all the sudden the wind picked up and gray clouds appeared over the field and the ump yelled" thats a game, get out, RUN!" and panic ensued. and leahs friend started sobbing because shes "deathly afraid of tornadoes!!!!!" so we all got home to find~surprise! no power!!! this irked me greatly, esp when i booted up my comp to go online and realized that no power means no modem which means no wireless. crap. so we walked around by candlelight, esp ticked cuz one street over, and courtneys ( we drove by and i saw your light on) house all had power! like it was just our street~ugh. so i ended up with leah in my room hogging my bed so i said fine, have it! and went to sit in my window. well sitting in the window turned into sitting outside which turned to " i wonder if i could run somewhere and not get caught...." no, i didnt go anywhere, but never have i felt so strongly that i just wanted to escape already! and leave, and run somewhere, anywhere, just to prove that i can, just to feel the rain.. but i was too chicken. i did get up, i took about 3 steps then sat back down cuz reality check kicked in " where are you going? you'll catch your death of cold! someone will know your gone, you dont have a watch and will lose track of time! youll be kidnapped!" otherwise, i would be miles away by now. but back to the storm, it was so beautiful... im a storm freak, so i could have thunderstorms half the time and be thrilled not even caring that i only get sun everyother day! there was one boom in particular that none of us were expecting, this was around 10 mebbe and it was soo loud that it literally shook my window and for a moment, i thought someone had pounded it with a sledge hammer !!! sooo gorgeus. i would love one again tonite!! minus pwr outage bcuz it is very hard to read a book and rite in your journal by flashlite!!
so, that brings me to today. another long boring day stuck here. i got up to run, that was prolly the highlight of my day~ it was sooo pretty. then i had camp staff training for a local day camp, then watched my sister lose a game in lake-o, then came home and went blah until we had to leave for church which was just as blaaaah since i had to help with singing. altho afterwords i went up to the bridge (second level, over looks everything) to catch the end of the sermon and had the whole thing to myself (via live video feed) so i got to doodle all over my bulletin and styrafoam tea cup and take pictures of whatever w/o getting yelled at or weird looks. yaaay!
ahhhhhhhhh!!!! i wasnt going to talk about it again but my throat hurts!! if anyone has a magic cure please tell me! i was going to do tea and honey but we dont have any honey and i only have one bag of tea left so i plan to save it until im absolutely dieing!!! until then, here i sit. too distracted to blog about more excited things. sorry guys!! ill try to be more intersting tommorow, i promise.


  1. The storm last night was awesome! I was sitting outside thinking about stuff for a while, then finally my mom comes up and tells me to come in, we were going to watch Firefly. (So if you were to run anywhere, you could have come to my house to hang out, haha) I agreed, because that show is awesome. We watched a couple of episodes. Then that streak of lightning that hit your house like a sledge hammer happened.
    It was like this:
    Me: Oh...crap...
    Mom: What?
    Me: -plugs ears-
    EVERYTHING in the house shook, it was awesome!
    It wasnt like a huge rattle, but everything vibrated to an extent.
    If you have a sore throat, lemon juice can help with that, so if you have lemonade with real lemons or something, it will sting a bit at first, but it should help out a lot.
    The storm did come kind of fast, I rode my bike around town, there was a softball game or something going on at the park, and everything was fine. Then I get home and a few minutes later it get epic.

  2. it was the best. i have never seen it, never even heard of it actually! you know i should have, gone to your house i mean, and just been like hey, open the door im bored! might have saved me from having this horrid COLD! ~agh. yeah that was leah in the park playing, then won! it did get epic, specially at the beginnning! it took out power lines on the way to lake o even!!

  3. Haha, well next time you plan to run, come find me, okay? Oh, cool, good for Leah! Wow, clear to Lake O? That's impressive.

  4. alrite, ill come bug you one of these nites! yeah, she was rly excited! yuppers it was pretty hard core i guess... yaaay thunderstorms!!

  5. Haha, cool, looking forward to it. I wish there would be more storms, this summer has been so dissapointing so far, and the storm was the most exciting thing to happen to me so far.

  6. i know~ we totally need some more hard core ones!! agreed. definitely the most exciting thing this summer. speaking of storms, when do i get my storm and pineapple??? ;)