Monday, June 14, 2010

its harder than it sounds, i swear!

so. i barely escaped with my life earlier... all thanks to a plastic watering can, a plant/monkey beast and a cat named Kitty Bud. so i rode my bike over with no problems from the highway cars or ninjas that im sure were lurking all around, but once i got there the fun began. first of all, i had to water the plants... so i took a pre-filled watering can and began to water. this was hard bcuz the cans spout thing was huge! so i basically soaked the deck and the flowers... then there was this hangy monkey that i had to water, and im not all that tall so i couldnt reach it from just standing... so i pulled over a deck chair, stood on it and tried to water this thing. now really, i had no idea if i was sposed to soak it or what? yeah, about that. i still was having a hard time reaching it, so i tippytoed up and tried to pour until~ this is embarrassing~ the whole can flipped sideways and completely drenched me. it was bad. so there i was, soaking wet and like "omw, that did NOT just happen, did it?" so i unlocked the house, went in and watered those few plants, then... the call of their tuned piano about killed me. i might have played a song or two. then i saw the cat. dum dum dum dum... he looked at me. i looked at him. i walked up and let him sniff my hand before gently petting his head~ or trying anyways, i didnt get to far bcuz thats when he HISSED really loud, several times in a row. obviously i backed off a bit and was like "alrite, its your house, im chill with that" but he wasnt. he followed me as i went upstairs to water those plants, then to clean his litter, finally i just stood really really still and pretended i wasnt looking and he came up, sniffed my leg, then walked away with a swish of his tail. reow to you to! i let him know that i was coming back wednesday to do the same thing, hoping hed loosen up a bit, but he was still eying me with great contempt when i slid out the door!
bored as heck. man i should go find something to do!!!!!!!!!!! but we're out of bananas again :(

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  1. Oh, gosh, that MONKEY. XDD I should have warned you about that thing! I went through hell trying to water it once, too, but I eventually just tossed some water from the top of the watering can on it and gave up. XD It sounds like Kitty doesn't like you! D: XDD