Thursday, June 3, 2010

fall and divide

good morning my lovely bloggy friends!! this is going to be a looooong day, i can tell. i almost didnt drag my lazy butt out of bed this morning, i was soooo close; this prolly has something to do with the fact that i kept waking up throughout the night, sometimes randomly, but the last few times because i thought there were giant spiders on my ceiling and in my bed. im not sure where the spider hallucination came from, but this happened several times; i would leap out of bed like i was being launched into space and flip on my lights, sure i had seen something, which is really actually pretty impossible since its like pitch black in my room, and of course there was nothing there. so id go back to bed. then, 45 minutes later, itd happen again! so basically, i am ridiculously tired today and thats not a good thing for a few reasons. firstly, i have to babysit for my little neighbor this morning from 8:20-noon then the sibs come home and i trade the neighbor for them until my dad gets home around noon thirty ish. so i guess its not that bad, i just wont be able to lay around and be lazy today :/ i actually have to get out of my pjs b4 noon... *sigh.
so, about my weekend! it was alrite, saturday we left around nineish to go to school fundraiser, its like a recital for dance, and we had our practice at 11, but didnt have to be back to dance until 6:30, whatsupp with that? so we went to the glorious IKEA if youve never been there you are missing out, they sell everything you could ever want to furnish your home , including bamboo!!! oh and they have the besssst frozen yogurt EVER, it was really great. performing was alrite, i didnt get to see any of the rully good numbers tho cuz i was backstage getting ready. i guess the one to "evacuate the dance floor" was reaaaaally good, and they also did "beat it" and "thriller" which i also missed out on :/ it was fun tho, there were about six of us out there tearing up the stage~ i loved it! yesterday we actually went to church cuz they had this tent party and i got to eat a snow cone and a hotdog and play in a bounce house and climb a rock wall! it was fun, i felt like a kid again :)
time to go get out of my jammies!!
peace homebloggers


  1. You got to play in a bouncy house!?!?!? I'm so jealous!!

  2. haha, yup! i know, they are awesome. and a giant inflatable slide!!! it was awesome, my church totally knows how to throw a good partay!

  3. Yeah, well I've been reading web comics.....Good source of entertaintment!!

  4. web comics... never rly read any, give me some links!

  5. Well, there are some that I like, dunno what kind would catch your fancy, but I'll send some.
    Despite what may show up on the current strip (I'm not even sure what's going on, I hope the main charater is dreaming or something) It's really good.
    This one is for geeks, completely and totally. Not sure what you'd think, but I love it.

    There are plenty of others, and I'm sure if you were really interested you could find some that are more suited to your tastes.