Thursday, June 3, 2010

whats the point in all this screaming, no ones listening anyways

song of the day: acoustic # 3 by the goo goo dolls

so i found this song on pandora and i really like it... its kinda depressing, but its kinda true, and thats kinda what life is, so it fits. if you want to hear it, go to my playlist at the bottom and it should be there... somewhere. i added a ton of songs today to finally update it!! yay.


feeling kinda strange today, i dont know why. just am. kinda... scattered? ever felt scattered? its hard to describe, just everywhere at one, you know like you can't quite find all of yourself at once? yeah. its kinda complicated to describe, but if you've been there then you know exactly what im talking about im sure.


wull, today otherwise was allrite, you know, its life~ i had to babysit again and prolly for the rest of the week....grrrrrrr. whatever. as long as i get paid, i can survive it i guess :/. currently i am babysitting myself as all my sibs and my mum are at baseball/softball related things... practices and pictures and who knows what else! hmm im running low on chalk, have to remind mum to get some more soon cuz all the colors left are like blaaaaaaaaaaah. at least its a gorgeous day... i wouldnt mind some rain tonite, but as of now, im lovin the sunshine!!
so i just read some rly good books! the first was the disreputable history of frankie laundau banks, and the other is witch and wizard by james patterson. they were reaaaaaaaally good! dhoflb i totally recommend, its about this grl at a bording school that does something that i can almost imagine myself doing if i was just a little bit more aggressive... and waw was really intriguing, a bit laaame and like kinda out there, but good overall, james patterson is really good. that and my alltime fave, cage of stars... if you havent read it, when i return it i order you to!! iss soooooo good!
okay, im bored. nothing left to rite about
hugs and gummies

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