Friday, August 27, 2010

for those of you who don't know

hey~ for those of you who are still following this blog.... it is no longer active. my new blog is if you are still wanting to read my random posts ( not sure why anyone would want to but... you know)
love, me

Sunday, August 1, 2010

more to come?

this is gonna be short cuz i have to go drive, but i feel like i need to post and let you all know that i am alive. still breathing. my heart is still beating. ive just been super busy. all my days have been running together, little trifling ( ^^ fun word) things throughout the day like cleaning room, practising guitar (watch me use english spelling, hee hee hee), chores, babysitting... and then a bit of sleep when necessary ( i can go on 3 hours now, im very proud of myself!!), you know drink some pink lemonade, eat some cake, throw some toads outta my room... pretend to be sociable and agreeable when FORCED. its pretty blah. so i do what i can. but next week, i have worship camp~ yaaaaaaaaay. i get to see all my homies from last year, and PW's stopping by sometime??? so he says. oh. i have to go DRIIIIIVE (agh)...
ill post more later~ much to talk about my loves :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

when you're feelin low lower than the ground and you feel like you dont have a chance

anyone recognize my title? blog points to anyone who can figure this out... and i'll post YOU ARE AMAZING on your blog in big letters on your cbox, and no fair cheating like looking it up, either you know it or you dont. give me the title of the song, and what movie (hint hint) its from... good luck %%- (four leaf clover)
I GOT SILLY BANDZZZ a purple penguin (haaaa ironic) and an orange seal :3 i feel way cool now... what i really want are dinosaurs tho, epic. well today should be fuuuun~ not. my dad woke me up at 9:00 ( we're leaving, you gotta get up and babysit) so i rolled over and said alrite i'll be up in a minute. so ten minutes later, i come upstairs and get informed that since i wasnt upstairs before the parents left, leah is now in charge and not me. :/ i was not happy. but now im like alrite... took a 30 minute shower, made a mess in the kitchen, lounging around in my pjs all while listening to leah try to contrl the sibs~ ooooh i could get used to this ;). the only downside is that i dont get paid, but thats alrite. im not particularly needing money for anything at the moment... so later today we get our korean students from MSU. they will stay tonite and tommorow nite and return to MSU sunday nite... we've been doing this for 6 years now so its nothing new, but its still always an adventure. its fun tho, we learn alot of culture and some basic language skills so tahts really cool... but it also means we have to be on our best behavior 24/7 meh.
laaaaaaaaaaa la la la. so did i mention i got a guitar? ive been having all sorts of crazy fun with it~ i totally suck, but its all good you gotta start somewhere. plus i was majorly sick of piano so its nice to have a change. and i have some songs i've done that have been dying for some guitar and NO MORE PIANO ( its the effect, you know?) so thats nice too.... and im noticing a pattern, like a zillion songs have the same chord pattern which is interesting O.o
i need to stop reading harry potter before i go to bed. i was reading the goblet of fire last nite, and this morning i woke up and remembered i had this crazy dream that i went over to clean these ppls house, but there was no one there and i was like what the cookies? so i go outside and they have this giant bean garden (court and plushie, can you think where THAT came from...) and im like imma go pick some and eat em! so to do this i had to stand on their car and hop on the roof ( yes, beans on the roof) and i looked into the car and there were the ppl, dead with a horrified expression on their faces... then i looked over and there was a giant snake coming towards me... then i woke up. weird.
in other news, i got a formspring thing and am having oodles of fun with it, so if you wanna ask me some questions, search me under .:kara:. and ask away ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and honestly have no words to say...

song of the day: heartbeat by remedy drive
i has a guitar and a mousie! my guitar i actually got for free from an old teacher of mine (mrs carr for those of you who know her) because i helped out at her garage sale, and i just recently got the thing tuned and strung so now i can play!! alrite so it doesnt sound all that great, but its a challenge. i am SOOO sick of piano its nice to have a change! plus with guitar you can take it wherever you want whereas a piano... not so much. and i really cant read music... how sad is that? ive been playing piano like 5 years and can't read music? well i can, but i cant. like i COULD if i worked really hard at it and wanted to spend forever,but i generally just memorize the sheet music for the songs i like so i dont have to deal with it again :/ yes, i know i am messed up. so so far all i have to worry about it chord names with guitar, im not worrying about finger picking and all that yet. so i can play teardrops on my guitar and beautiful eyes (both by tay swift), collide (howie day), bubbly (colbie caillat) and i think thats about it. all of them have basically the same chord progressions so its all good. and i have WORSHIP CAMP next week woot woot~ put your haaaaands up! hey PW are you coming or what? i havent heard anything from anyone about it...
my mousie. i have named him/her jacopo. it is currently somewhere in my room, i suspect under my dresser as that is where i have been leaving oyster crackers and then they are gone. he ran out of my room the other day and my mum SCREAMED and was all time to buy traps! but they didnt yet, so i;m really hoping to catch him so i can let him go outside. id like to keep him, but i dont think he'd be very since he's used to the great outdoors. speaking of which im not sure exactly how he got in. i mean yeah i got some ideas... but who knows.
in other news, ive been having drivers training lately. i hate it. i cant wait to get a lisence, like i really want to get one, but i hate all this sitting. and my teacher is NUTS! this guy... *sigh. most of you (court and plushie) have heard all about his craziness so i wont go into details but really he's nuts, plain and simple.
oh man. that is all i can say.
love love love and love again
PS go to this site, trust me, you will be WOWED. if you ever want to make me smile, just buy me something from here!! im really digging the bacon bandaids :3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

parents and other unecessary evils

song of the day: here in your arms by hellogoodbye
hey. i'm really not very happy with my parents right now, they... man they have done a lot, but lately they have become ridiculously controlling and I don't even know why. I don't understand most of their decisions, let alone AGREE and I have made that very clear to dear Father but since i'm just a teenager, it doesnt really matter what *I* say now does it? nope. my input is pretty much invalid~! but it was worth a try, maybe. also, other peoples parents are being dumb too. okay parent singular. what is the thing that parents dont want their kids to enjoy life so they pull all priveleges? or the one that makes their kids really happy, the important one... *sigh. so, parents? listen to your kids, they know more than you think and understand more than you do in all your parental wisdom some times. deal with it alrite? it wont kill you to listen to me, to trust me, to think that maybe sometimes my mind isnt ravaged by hormones like you all assume. I have a brain and sometimes, I use it more often than you.
i am so drained today. even my mom mentioned that my eyes were bloodshot~ in the end i dont care tho, its all worth it. that wont make sense to most of you but... alrite. anyways. so today has been interesting, i got up around 8 to babysit then fell asleep in the shower, then i went downstairs to get out of my pjs and ended up falling asleep yet again... when i woke up i was like oh SNAP the kids are upstairs arent i rushed upstairs and luckily they were still watching TV and werent like murdering each other. well the rest of my babysitting went fairly well, and when mum got home i stumbled downstairs and crashed for a while then came upstairs, made myself a chili dog (well kinda.. taco meat on a hot dog), ate an apple and now here i be! so, my bloggers, the world will keep turning and people will keep living their lives but today more than any other day i wish i could just pause it all and breathe.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

post number 101

how did i miss post 100??? maaan. well, at this momentous occasion i must thank all of you bloggers who have faithfully put up with my blogging annoyingness. i have much to say, but no motivation to say it. im kinda sad. okay i am sad. therefor i will leave you with a few links to follow if you want something fun:
(obviously i was using stumbleupon...)


Monday, July 19, 2010

crazy? why yes, i think i am, do you have a problem with it?

song of the day: story of a girl by nine days

things i will never understand (part one):

1. whats the big deal about the tab on the mattress that cannot be removed... i plan on removing mine soon and getting a video of me being such a rebel. I mean really, why's it so important to leave the tag on?
2. why parents are so randomly strict. i don't understand alot of the things my parents are so set on... like for one they never let me call guys, unless its like for homework stuff. since this is hello the modern world this makes no sense to me at ALL but alrite, whatever...
3. weed whackers. i had to use one yesterday and it almost killed me, no really it was reallyyy bad. first of all, i had to wear these horrid safety glasses that made me look like a GEEK and then all this grass shot out at me and made me look like i had hairy green legs.... then the stupid blue whippy stuff kept unraveling everywhere. finally, the last three feet i litterally ripped the grass out of the ground myself to avoid using the beast
4. guys that buy girls necklaces with their (the guys) name on it. this seems random, but i was looking through my diary today and on my HS trip we went to the hoover dam and my homebro borrowed some money to buy his girlfriend a necklace with his name on it. alrite, am i just a feminist freak or does this bother you too? its like a dog peeing on a hydrant " THIS IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" its like by accepting it, she's saying "my name isnt good enough. i'll be just like him" i dunno, this just BOTHERS me, its like well my identity is shot, you are sooo much more important... what do you think? aminuts?
5. html. i really dont get html, i have tried to mess with it b4 and yeah wow, that didnt work out so well...
6. earwigs. what is their purpose in life beyond looking icky? *shudder* i HATE those things, they're just NASTY i've taken to keeping a cup of water in my room and just dropping them in it when i find them so they can drown, yeah harsh. what can i say.
7. nature. i dont like it. plushie, im sure you know exactly what i mean.
in other news, my turncoat siblings went to see a clown today. i am still horrified. and in MORE news, court i still have to do that room meme~ esp since i just moved a ton of stuff around and got a bigger bed, yaaay. speaking of bigger bed, its strange, its gonna take me awhile to get used to the fact that if i wanted to i could sleep completey spread out and still barely take up all the room! ho hum. ooooh did i mention i had some amazing tea a few days ago? lemme find some pictures... so my dad went to take our rude arab friends back to MSU and called to say he was at bubble island, what did i want... so before now id only ever had like plain and strawberry milk tea with the black bubbles, but i was like hmm im feeling like fruity stuff so i got a strawberry something or other like snow tea or something? with mango stars... oooh yummmmmmm

so i start drivers training today. im not liking that idea... specially since its 3 weeks 6-8 every frappe night! grr. whatevah.
stay awesome my loves!