Sunday, June 27, 2010

dear lucas, i love you

song of the day:if i am~ i love this song because it doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but thats why it makes sense really. you know? if you dont, go down to my playlist and lisssten, its cool. so i just realized i had a really whacked version.. buts its all good, i fixed it.

who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS! sorry. this burst of random has been brought to your attention for but not limited to the following reasons : I am very tired (this is a long story that im not telling for those of you that dont know), the sibs were singing it earlier, and i just felt the need to be random. yupp. sorry, thats me for you.
so this weekend has been alrite so far, saturday was pretty bleh but sunday... wait, i dunno if it really counts as sunday. it technically was, but i dont necessarily consider it to be... uh. right. anyways, today has been good. there we go. well i was awake most of the night, but i did get a bit of sleep i think from like six to eightish which is good i guess, but nevertheless i dragged myself out of bed at eight for no apparent reason now that i think of it, and came upstairs to lay around. i was lazy for quite some time but then mum made me clean my room ( really, she makes me clean it like every day but i have this clothes problem~ i HATE putting them away so i generally have this big pile in front of my dresser and i just grab what i want, its very convenient. but mum doesnt think so. so she made me FOLD it, and put it all away... agh. whatever tho. so my wifi isnt working AGAIN whats up with that? grrrr... so i have to do all this upstairs which really irks me to an extreme. but thats alrite I WILL SURVIVE (sung loud and operatically and prolly very very off key) neways. so we're going "as a family" (oh help) to see karate kid today, yaaaay, and make a stop at the grand ledge library (lemme point out here that plushie, you are REALLY missing out!!! it should be illegal not to have a library card~ and you couldnt even come up with good reasons you nutcase!!) ahem back to my afternoon. right, so karate kid then i think we're going out to eat so this should be a true adventure...
oh, i should explain my title. lucas is my new soft cuddly amigo, all thanks going to epic plushie here, i really should post a pic of lucas soon, remind me oh wise bloggers or you KNOW ill forget! okay, well i should say my adeius as we are leaving soon.
much love


  1. Yeah, I was up until sunrise I think, haha.

    I have nothing against getting a library card, I just refuse, that's all.

    I'm so glad that you like Lucas! I saw it and just fell in love with it, and I really wanted to give it to you!

  2. Oh yeah! And you say I'm deprived and all that, Courtney had never seen Ghostbusters until I made her watch it!

  3. You had never seen I Love Lucy!!! D:< OR Grease! You still haven't!