Thursday, June 3, 2010


song of the day: vanilla twilight by owl city

hullo folks, welcome to yet another episode of " Everything You Never Wanted to Know", I'm you're host, SHAE! yeah, not enough energy to keep that one up, plus my announcer voice only holds up for so long... so about the title! schadenfreude. this word was in a book i recently read (this disreputable history of frankie landau-banks) and i loved how it looked, and the meaning which is deriving pleasure from someone elses misfortune~ its pronounced shodden-freud-ah and i think i shall strive to use it in daily conversation! well these posts may be coming more sparesly (? grammar) cuz our wireless is out so anytime i want to post, it has to be from here, the main computer. agh. i hate posting in the living room, i feel... vulnerable! like now, theres like 5 other ppl in here, and theirs my dad, reading over my shoulder. grrrrrrr. *sigh. you know what, i cant do this rite now, ill post 2morro while babysitting and spill the whole affair. k? k.

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