Saturday, May 29, 2010

t for tired

today was sooooooo long. i should blog, and i am, but im not feeling particularly bloggy ( i felt bloggy earlier, but i sat down here and checked my facebook and... bam its gone). so ill just splain quickly. my day started at 7, and ends now. i got up, took a shower and we drove to a local stable. en route to the stable, we rescued a turtle using my favorite plaid bag (filled with notebooks, books, pens, little ninja men and other joys of life), which the ingrateful wretch peed all over. anyways, we showed up at the place and cleaned out a goat/horse pen, shoveling/raking poop into a wheelbarrow (funfun!) it actually wasnt bad, the goats were like little puppies, following us around with their little stub tails wagging furiously. then we mucked stalls which was tolerable, and i met an adorable kitty name hitler (teeny tiny little cat with black under its nose like a hitler-mustache). after that we ate lunch and chilled, then mucked some more stalls, then walked some rescue dogs for awhile which was an adventure...the first dog i walked was very wellbehaved etc, but the second and third ones were a challenge. the second was only 6 months old, still a bit babyish obviously since he wanted to run around me until i was tangled up in the leash, then run full tilt so id fall over! the other one i really loved tho, it was obvious he had never really been leash trained cuz he kept looking at me like what? what do i do now? and jumping up to lick my face. after a while working on walking, we sat in the shade. at first, he sat next to me but within 10 minutes the big baby was on my lap! okay, this was not a small dog, court this means somwhere between maddie and coby (spelling wrong?) sized, and i swear he thought he was like a chihuahua... a regular lapdog! well, i didnt want to burst his bubble and it wasnt like my clothes were clean at this point anyways, so i let him sit on my lap or well lounge on my lap, he couldnt really fit all of him on my lap at once. but he would lick my arm, then rub against it so i had dog fur stuck ALL OVER me! then he would go crazy licking my face, then settle down my my lap again like " dont you just loooove me?" what a sweetie, if i could adopt him, i would in a heartbeat! but my family, they fell in love with a scrawny little guy afraid of his own shadow. hes really very cute and friendly, but soooooo little, 5 months i guess. so now we're looking into "foster caring" for the little dear, which i know is my mums plan for keeping him, you know- get him in the house, get us all to fall in love with him which is inevitable, then adopt him. perfect. good luck mom. shes been in a big hearted mood lately. last week she told me she wanted to adopt a sibling group of five kids under the age of 10 and didnt see any reason why we shouldnt. wait, perhaps shes just crazy. oh well, i still love her... she cracks me up, you know what she said to me yesterday? she said " i've got the down jive on your funky self" oh mom.... neways, after doggy time, we went to a family event (well after a shower and a change of clothes too) that i dont remember much of bcuz i was/am so tired... oh crap, my internet is about to shut off

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