Thursday, June 3, 2010

okay okay, you win... kinda

i hate to admit, but plushie was... kinda right. observe. pacman has... no eye. man, i coulda SWORE he had an eye! really? okay, fine, i admit, you were right. but ms pacman, she has eyes!! so i was right about that~ altho you agreed so tahts not much of a victory... hmm. i want to move on, how painful.
today was alrite, i went to feis (fesh, dance competition)... we left at 6 (up at 5, meh!) and i didnt even dance till ike 1 ish! wassup with that? oh well. competition was REALLY fierce, i almost got kicked a coupla times, and only placed in one of my 5 dances ( no surprise, its my fave anyways)... leah placed in 3, abby placed in 1. it was tough, tougher competition i think than ever. but tahts just initiative to work my butt off for the next one in august!!!!!!!!! overall it was fun, i hate the stress leading up to feisana (plural), but i luv actually being there, seing the dances and feeling the beat echo through the gym and dancing myself, its exhilirating~ and incredible! actually, today we werent in a gym, we were in this sweet sportsplex soccer field thing with fake grass and everything! it was way cool!
so, today i learned how to play ninja. everyone reading this, remind me to teach you how to play~ its totally goofy! aaaand i finally am reading the uglies series by westerfield, i started reading uglies last nite, and couldnt put it down~ it was great! that and court, you have me hooked on manga!!!! i just finished ouran high school host club and tokyo mew mew ( i hate the ending! its so cliff hangerish!), and am midway through fruits basket... i luv it! oh dear, what a day. isnt life crazy? dont you agree?
i think some more chalk antics are in order this coming week... and im psyched! yaaaaaaaaay
k, time to go play ninja with the sibs !

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry about the feis (fact that you didn't place much). :( but that's cool that Abby got 1st!

    You haven't read Uglies before?! :O

    YESSS!!! Manga rocks, no? I am so happy. XDD