Saturday, June 26, 2010

in which i have another not so eventful day

hiiii~ i dont feel very blogesque, is that a word? well it is now! in fact, i feel kinda wanh but i have a duty to you lovely bloggers, and that is to replay every boring detail of my life so you can pretend to be fascinated and make quirky comments. rite? rite. so my day.
got up late, again. bad kara. so i couldnt go running. so instead i got up and sat around on facebook for awhile, then took a shower, then GUESS WHAT? the internet stopped working.. hmm you know taht is SOOO surprising!!!! yup, it really is. so after that fiasco i sat around some more, got out of my jammies, put on some make up, dried my hair... waited until the internet was back on. then i figured out my songs for tonite at church and danced along with the motion vids to learn that and the stuff i was sposed to say... then i... erm i dunno what i did, oh yeah my friend micayla called and told me all about camp at ao-wa-kiya and made me VERY jealous. then uhhhh oh yeah, church! we packed up and left with a detour at the Day Camp of Doom where i will be serving time eight hours a day next week :/ ugh. so we set up a tent for our kid group, then to church. where i had to sing. agh. then haha i watched some of the sermon and learned taht back in bible times instead of the heart, the intestines were the major thing so youd tell someone i love you with all my intestines HAHA!crap, i have more to write but its bed time!!


  1. Aaaww, I'm sorry you had kind of a lousy day, but hopefully it will get better soon!

  2. Good, I'm glad! My weekend has been so amazing so far =)