Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i found a mutation

today a miliwig crawled across my floor. or maybe it was a centiwig, or an earpede, i dunno. either way, it was NOT normal. see, the bug looked like an earwig only with about one MILLION legs! eew! that reminds me, at school once we found an ant with 8 legs, weeeeird. we named him spidey-ant and i kept him safe so the boys couldnt squish him (they squish any bugs they see, surprise surprise...) until he could go oustside. now let me just get this out there, i like bugs and snakes and frogs and stuff like that, im not grly grl, but when there zooming towards you at unnatural speed with pincers in the front and a zillion legs, its normal to go "eeeeew." no i didnt kill him, i simply scooped him into an empty water glass and deposited him outside my window. i mean i wonder how creepy i looked to him, wouldnt that be interesting? to see things like buggggs see them? i bet we look like freaks, i mean we are freaks, but i bet we really look it. c'mon, only two eyes, two legs, two arms, no pincers... whats up with that? if bugs decided to, they could take over the world easily. but what do we do? we spray them with pesticide, we squish them beneath merciless shoes with a splat.... when really, we should be gently returning them to their environment so we can all go back to our normal lives. so next time you go to kill a bug, picture yourself as them... or if that doesn work, imagine that they're overruning your body and picking your bones clean~ ooooh like on indiana jones, the new one where the ants get that russian dude. sweeeeeeeeeeet.


so i avoided disaster today while watering courts moms plants and cleaning cat litter which was nice, no dumping watering cans of water on myself or being nearly mauled by the vicious cat. the cat never showed up, i called and called and looked in all the places Chris said he might be, but still didnt see him. prolly a good thing, we dont get along O.o


bum bah dum dum dum... right. anyways, uh....... well celebrate~ 2morro is my last day babysitting the horrid miss jessica (ugh) who bosses me around and leaves messes everywhere and refuses to eat her breakfast so im glad! but also, its my last day really babysitting this week cuz dad is home fridays, yay. i would sleep in, but i neeed to run or my dance teacher might kill me.... again. she does it quite often, she used to be a drill sergeant in the army and you can tell. shes really nice, just no nonsense, and that i can deal with. plus i want to run, altho i wish i could get up earlier... its not the same if ppl are up D:


mmkay, well im out of things to talk about and dont want to bore you all to death with anything else i can think of so...

peace out homies, stay awesome


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