Sunday, June 27, 2010

karate kid, pizza, and an epic swimsuit...

heeey! so this makes two posts in one day~ yay me.i dunno how many posts ill get in next week so i figured id do two today just in case. next week is the Day Camp of Doom~ which means we leave the house at 7:30 and dont get back till 4:30. ahhh!!! and see i have this problem when it comes to kids, im a BIG softie so like last year i ended up giving piggy back rides and becoming like a human climbing tree to all 20 kids in our group. this lead to a plethera of bruises, aching shoulders and otherwise unpleasant side effects. however, overall it was a pretty fun week despite all that, i know its hard to believe, but its strangely fun. so i am, but am not excited.
so, we went into GL today and went to the library where we were only allowed to check out 2 books ( HEY!!) but really its fair cuz we have about a zillion from portland and sunfield already!! but after that, we went to Karate Kid which was rly good, the ending was pretty great too but i cant say that cuz i dunno if youve all seen it and i dont feel like being bashed. I love Jackie Chan tho, he is srsly the bomb. and they used one of my fave songs, say by john mayer, in it so i was like singing along and my mums giving me funny looks.. but they cut off half the second verse!! so i was like HEY! thats a good part~! and there was this really cute romantic thing going on in the background... awww!!! i love movies like that, it was adorable.
oh yes, pizza. after the movie we headed over to gramma and grampa js for pizza, and i ended up with the most epic swimsuit ever! okay, i normally wouldnt post about swimsuits cuz its just weird, but this one is way cool. if i saw it on a rack somewhere, i would prolly be like okay thats weird, because it is this crazy neon purple with silver stars on it. and its like one of those kinda old fashioned looking one pieces.. i can really splain well but i dont want to post pics cuz thats just awkward. either way, its epic. and now ill change the subject.
hmm what should i talk about now? erm how about the fact that my wifi STILL ISNT WORKING!!! crazy~ errrrr. anyways, oh what do i have going on thats even vaguely interesting?? uhhhhh ooh we made raspberry pie today with raspberries from our yard~ and i remembered why i LOATHE cooking, or atleast the cleaning up... especially shortnening, oh gag. its gets EVERYWHERE!!! but it turned out alrite, a little too sweet but when you're cooking with three people under the age of 13 you take what you can get!
peace out homies

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