Monday, June 28, 2010

a good monday

today has been a good monday. a really good monday. a really really really good monday. ahem, anyways, rite-o. among other things, today was the first day of day camp so that was fun. altho getting up after only what seemed like a few minutes (it was more than a few minutes, but not by much) at 6:15 ish wasnt so fun... but you know, i had the most lovely dream (kinda) prior to waking at 6:15 so it was all good and i managed to drag myself out of bed and get dressed/shower/breakfast all that good stuff without falling asleep once, altho it was close a few times, especially after i was all ready and went back to my room to grab a notebook and my Mp3 player and there was my bed, just CALLING, begging for me to come back to sleeeep... and then my mum honked the horn and it was time to go. *sigh. but i plan on a long nap sometime in the near future~!!
man, i know i should blog about day camp~ i really should, but im soo tired and it was such a long day that ill just tell alittle about it. first, the music is pretty good, altho my penguins arent there so its not the same ( kinda code name for Above the Influence, a band that me and one of my friends love and have created several inside jokes about, hence the penuins.). secondly, our kids were fairly well behaved, all ten of the little buggers, and they have good arms~ we played this game where you thow wet sponges at each other... they SOAKED me!! it was definitely an adventure! thirdly, i got to be in a skit acting as a japanese tourist. this was alot of fun, i got this big camera and my job was to speak jibberish and take pictures of everything. haha~ that was goofy. and this is the extent of what im blogging today because if i keep going, im sure ill end up saying something that doesnt belong here. so

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