Wednesday, June 2, 2010

growing up is highly overrated

so today i am babysitting and its raining... and the one perfect thing to do when it rains, is to draw with chalk in the garage!! since i have converted my siblings to being zim lovers, we chose zim characters... obviously. hee hee, we had so much fun. then we ate corndogs for lunch followed by rainy day s'mores (graham crackers with chocolate frosting and mostly melted marshmallows!!) yummm. then we turned on pandora (yaaaaaaaay) and danced like maniacs all around the living room. oh, iss a good life ;).... and i think its almost done raining so then we can go and sliiiiiiiide in the grass! man, i;ve given up on growing up. i heard this quote the other day and thought it was great... If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up! (from peter pan) and i agree, growing up is highly overrated! that and jm barie had another rly good one, he said "never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." smart guy. sooo im thinking of changing my blog header again, its boring me...

oh its gonna be a good day. i can tell!!! and youth group tonite... should be interesting :/ ah well, i am braaaaaaaaaave. oooohh ooohh ooooh in another loopy mood today... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarayyyyyypes! man, whered that come from? im so silly.... ooh serious now! my neighbors got robbed last nite (jim and shan for those who know... prolly just court) but i guess someone came in and stole just one thing, she didnt mention what, and the person didnt touch anything else... she (shannon) was kinda freaked out, i dunno iss kinda scary. laaaa lalalalalalalalallala ~!! ooh its kinda cooly out, man, i guess when i finish this i should prolly get out of my pajamas and put on some actual clothes. then i might have to wear jeans. hmm. its kinda humid so mebbe not. oh man, youthgroup tonite means having to put on make up and do my hair ugh, its such a pain being a girl... but at the same time i wouldnt want to be a guy either. hmm. ooooh heres some beach pictures!!

iss so pretty at the beach...
my favorite dollar store flipflops~best EVAH!

leah and savaro (cousin) being goofy

abby... the tube was almost as big as her!

leah really went under in the 55 degreeness!
over and out my evil minions!


  1. XDD I love those chalk drawings!! Awesome!!!!

  2. Those chalk drawings are SO COOL. You're a good artist! :D

    I love the pictures in this post. <3 You should post photos more often. ;)