Thursday, June 3, 2010

why does our brokeneness keep whispering, its telling us we're not anything

song of the day: (keep forgetting to do this...) stand up by remedy drive
i luv this pic... i took it about a year ago and did a bit of editing to make it darker... it reminds me of rainy days and happy times

wulll im proud of myself as ive started blogging more now that i have a bit more time... but that doesnt mean i have much excitement to blog about... at present, my morning has consisted of being drug out of bed to babysit (again...), eating an egg with salt-pepper-ketchup (yumm), checking my facebook (nothing fun to report), and rite now listening to my 2 youngest sibs yelling at each other. i should prolly tell them to cut it out or pay a little more attention, but... im sick of trying to make them behave, so today they can kill each other for all i care :/...


yg went pretty well, we got to go outside and find an attribute of God, me and my awesome group ( court and plushie) found air bcuz "God is in the air" soo profound. actually, plushie had to almost kill a kid to get a little purple beach ball which we used to hold the air... rly, he pulled a knife and lighter and everything to get this thing! in the end, we rocked. everyone was blown away. afterwords we went outside to the playground where courtney was NOT a man (me and plushie were big men... well in theory anyways kind of... okay, bigger men than courtney) then somehow we ended up in a war of castles (courtney against me and plushie) but unbeknowst (spelling?) to courtney, i really did plant a bomb in her castle, it was in the form of a granola bar wrapper~ but she never seemed to get it. plushie and i however had a wish which might have saved the day, but plushie didnt quite get it blown out all at once. oh well, we still won. supposedly courtneys gonna take over the world... yeah right. i mean of course she is!


feeling kind of blue today, why is a long story. but... its life~ what can you do???

thanks for sticking with me



  1. I'm sorry that you're blue. We should hang out more, to cheer you up!

  2. Gawsh, why do you keep saying that I don't get it!? I didn't see the wrapper, but I totally did believe you about the bomb.

  3. court, you dont! i could have exploded your castle at ANY moment, do you realize that????????? if you did, you didnt seem to care, you were all like "whatever!" but srry, your castle still lost. even tho plushie killed the wish, ours was infinitely better!!!!!!! yes, (@ plushie) hanging out does cheer me up, you make me laugh ya goober!!!

  4. I'm sorry I failed the wish, I was SO close!! Just one little fluffer thingy hung on!
    And glad that I make you feel better you silly goose!