Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ohhhhh maaaaaaan

oh man. i could say that about alot of things this week, but what im talking about today is the day camp sleepover/beach trip/yesterdayness/todayness and how i nearly died a few times. lemme start with the beach~ they needed a lifeguard and i have certification so i got voted to go and help. really, what this entailed was sitting with my friends (Emily and Eric~ no, not that Eric, this is a completely diff Eric) and eating strange combos of pizza, chips and carrots and making fun of Emily and Eric who obviously have crushes on each other. haha! but we took like 5 trips to take everyone to the beach and i went on trip one to supervise. I.Love.Being.In.Charge. while I was in charge, i used my lifeguarding priveleges to win a game of vball and force a kid to give me a swiss cake roll on penalty of eye poking and LOUD whistle blowing (yush, i had a jealous.)that was fun. then later began the race for man points with Eric. lemme explain, we were playing volley ball and threatening each other ie " when im done with you, you're gonna look like mashed potatoes!" so on and so forth, so when i hit it and he fell over trying to get it ("it was the SUN!!") i got one man point for being more manly than he is... so from there we've been gaining man points. for example, he won four out of seven carpet ball games against me so he got two man points, and then we both got 50 man points for decorating DJ's name tag with rainbow beads and flowers. haha!! so due to several incidents, im up to 61, Eric has 55 and Emily has a mere 5. omw~ plushie!! so i took lucas with me ( couldnt leave him home to be lonely!) , and we were in the van and i was rummaging through my bag and he fell out... and everyone was SOOO jealous of him, i literally had to pry him from the fingers of several middle schoolers who thought he was the greatest thing since buttered bread!!
then we had a midnite hike, srsly this was insane. we basically trekked through the woods trying not to run into each other (ha, that didnt work) and get all scratched up in the pitch blackness~ no flashlights allowed. wow, this was NUTS but the sky was gorgeous and we had alot of fun. later we roasted marshmallows and finally at one o clock we all went to our tents. IT WAS SO COLD!!!!! like really, five of us girls were huddled together under several unzipped sleeping bags and we were all still freezing. yeah, no joke my mum told me it was the coldest night on record in a verrrry long time with a temp or 48. ouch. and i couldnt sleep. at all. i wonder why???
en la manana, after me and em convinced kelly to let us go up to the house and take a shower, we ate pancakes cooked over a fire and chilled for awhile before daycamp began. day camp itself was alrite, nothing really new. it was fun, but im totally out of energy...
so that brings us to now. apparently court and plushie stopped by earlier, sorry guys apparently i was asleep for all this. sorry, im just deathly tired lately. my uttmost apologies for the rest of this week cuz im sure i wont be the most perky cheerful person you've ever met... either way, its 8 ish and im still tired so im going to go back to beeeeed!
sweet dreams.

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