Wednesday, June 23, 2010

we cant erase it

good morning!! or, good mid morning? it IS almost 11! well i finally got up and did my running today, i did a big loop around town and stopped at the park to swing for awhile <3 before heading home. it was really lovely, and cloudy, and a bit breezy, i liked it. then after an ice cold shower (yes, this was intentional and feels reaaally good if you're all sweaty) my mum left and i am now on my own to babysit the natives who are currently out in the front yard making complete idiots of themselves screaming rudely and throwing things. i should prolly be helping? but whatever, let them beat each other up. either way, with in like 10 minutes theyll be best friends again. so why even bother???
wull we had the most lovely storm this morning, only it didnt last too long and wasnt that loud at all :/ it looked cool tho, it got reaaaally dark and the sky was kinda pinkish in some spots. i was expecting something baaaad but it was only meh. i mean any storm is nice, but... if its gonna storm, storm epic!!
nothing fun is going to happen today. i can feel it. its gonna be a long day. oh wait, theres youth group tonite, that might be fun... hmm. other than that-- welcome to insanity, im your host, kara - in annoying announcer voice-!!! ughhhhhhhhh. im babysitting, again. i did get my mom to pay me 70 bucks from previous services tho, it sounds like alot but really its not considering all the stuff i do :/. enough of that tho, its depressing. GUESS WHAT??? CLICKY!!
im soooo excited, and theres going to be a new national treasure coming out sometime in the future, and i guess the dude and abigail get married, its about time! and then of course theres toy story 3 which is already out, and sound adddorabble we were watching youtube clips yesterday, theres this great ken doll that looks totally gay, or bi since he likes barbie... hmm. too much thinking for one post.

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