Friday, April 2, 2010

makes me smile

song of the day: here it goes again by ok go <--- sweet music vid by the way :)
(ironically, the pic there is from here in your arms... call it ADD)
things that made me smile today:

1. waking up and realizing that my left hip was sore and that i had grass stains on my knees... then remembering why :)

2. eating something other than rice and beans for dinner (loooooong story)

3. climbing the tree in my backyard

4. being able to dance again... i twisted my ankle doing something dumb on monday and its now better! (i guess it was better yesterday too since i ran around on the hill with no problem at all)

5. waking up at 6 out of habit, then looking at my clock, turning over and going back to sleep

6. running barefoot in the grass

7. eating a blue rasperry dum dum as i type this... (yes, i'm easy to make happy)

8. phoenix axe (later... i will explain later....)


10. playing dolls with my little next door neighbor


i prolly could have gone on for awhile there, i smile alot... but let me explain a few things. firstly, the rice and beans are really a product of my parents craziness, altho the idea was pretty cool. anyways. they decided that we should eat only beans and rice from morning till 5:30 at night to get an understanding of people in third world countries, let me tell you after 2 meals and every snack needed , i may never eat beans or rice again... for dinner we had soup and fruit salad which seemed like the best EVER. secondly, phoenix axe. *sigh and smile* i'm sorry, this is so typical airhead teenage girl but the stuff smells niiiiiiice! k, i know you're wondering how the cookies did a girl get guys axe, right? yeah. so i was talking to my homebro the other day and i was like duuuuuude what is that smell, is that you?it smells great! and he was like my axe... and i was like i'm gonna steal it! and he was like you can have my old can, i just got a new one. so now i have a couple of ounces of man smell. one of my several weaknesses... and it makes me happy. embarrasing yes, but part of the reason i started blogging again was to spill it all here and loose dumb secrets like that somewhere in the mix.
i think i might work on a new blog heading tonite... havent decided yet. i get easily bored and i'm sick of seeing the same pic. so by the time you read this, i may just have a new top picture thing.
i started/finished wintergirls by laurie halse anderson today... it was so good, but so sad... the author is incredible, she writes very metaphorically, almost like poetry, and the plot was so morbidly fascinating i couldnt put it down. for those of you who havent read it, let me give you a brief summary. This girl's friend dies and the girl takes it really hard... also, she's anorexic and shutting everyone out, and cuts herself sometimes.... i'll stop there bcuz you need to read it yourself, but let me just say it was one of those books that makes you think, not just a fun read, an eyeopening read.
well, i must away to the world of Upstairs where the Parents rule like tyrants and i simply try to stay out of the way (mostly, unless i'm feeling bad then i'll throw noodles at someone or something, i'm unpredictable...)anways, Upstairs. Wish me luck my lovely blogger friends!


  1. I did #5 yesterday. It was greaaat. I woke up all, "Ugggggh, I don't waaaant to gooo to schooool," then a moment later, I realized: "Wait a minute... SPRING BREAK!!!" *resets alarm and falls back onto bed.

    The beans and rice idea was a really good one! For how long will you guys be doing that?

    XDD Last summer I was hanging out with Andrea and Kaity, and we went into Wal-Mart. There was this great battle between a bottle of Axe, and I ended up getting it sprayed on me. XDD I smelled like a boy for the rest of the day, but maaan, I smelled GOOD! xD Andrea and I even actually took turns smelling that shirt after I'd taken it off for bed... >///>;; (Eh, more like "It's MY shirt, GIVE IT BACK!" "NO, it smells good!!!")

    Oh, wow, I read Wintergirls last summer. It was amazing. Beautiful, haunting, heartbreaking, all that. I loved it. LAnderson's writing style in that book is... So absolutely beautiful. (laughs) I should read it again. I remember finishing that book up at War Week, in the gym, and I was near tears. xD

  2. thank God we just did it for one day, but i'm thinking of doing it every now and then, you know to remember... i have so much that i just take for granted!!

    haha, next time i see you i will bring my axe for you to smell (yuuuuummmmmmmm) and of course those ninjas for you and plushie :)

    yeah, she is an incredible author... i read fever 1793 (ironic... just realized that thats my favorite 4 digit number...) and catalyst and of course wintergirls... wintergirls is like... i guess i never understood how anyone could cut themselves, or starve... or that they feel strong... like i said in the post, it was so eyeopening. so now instead of thinking theyre dumb, they could get over it if they wanted to, i have some of an idea... i cried when cassie was trying to talk her into dying and when her mom explained how cassie died... the phrase about popping like a pink party ballon... *shudder*