Saturday, April 3, 2010

how things change...

guess what? MY CAMERA IS WORKING!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! happy happy happy! so i went upstairs and genuinely apologized to my sister and family for being such a butt and being grouchy and explained to abby that accidents happen and i forgave her... then, my mom put new batteries in it and it worked! maybe i just needed to apologize... or maybe the batteries just were dead. will i ever know? prolly not. but now i feel like blogging a bit so i'm stealing something from, there theme for the week is
"what song do you never what to hear again"
between with you by chris brown, poker face by lady gaga, and nothin to lose by josh gracin. the first is simple... kind of. my first boyfriend told me that they wrote that song for us, he loved me, and crap like that but then he was an idiot so i dumped him. the thing is, the song isnt happy or sweet for me anymore, its sad because i remember him and that he wasnt always a retard... yes he was. no.yes. stupid arguements with myself ensue and so i just hate it. the next one is poker face which i hate first of all bcuz its sick, and second of all because it was played on virtually every station for soooooo long! the last one is nothin to lose by josh gracin (country, agh) its a cute song, it really is... but me, my mom, and my sister danced to it at a local talent show last summer so its all i heard inthe month leading up to the show! my feet still try to dance every time i hear it. barf.

time to color eggs, wish me luck in the kingdom of Upstairs... funny, that rhymes with Despair..
love to all

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