Friday, April 9, 2010

even if saving you sends me to heaven

so let me sum up today because that last post was KILLER! okay, today.

woke up 6:40, thought man i'm tired i'll sleep for a couple more minutes, fell back asleep and didnt wake till 7:30 to my lovely fathers voice telling me to get up, it's time to go soon! so i got up, muttering darkly under my breath and realizing that there would be no run or sunrise this morning, and it was totally my own fault (i stayed up late.....). then me and dad left and went to the coffe shop where i got a double short latte (drink of the gods!) and we talked about life, then we drove into town and i went to goodwill to shop for awhile, then he picked me up and we went to redwing shoes so he could get shoe polish, then horrocks (the classiest grocery store ever, duuude, they have a live piano player!) to get flowers for mumzy (cuz dad's just sweet like that), then the gordan foods for popcorn for mumzy (they had samples of hotdogs, burgers, fries and onion rings and a loud lady serving them who ganged up on me with my dad to razz me about not wearing a coat), then home. then i went to my room, sanded walls in my closet, organized my dresser drawers (mumzy's orders), and now i am babysitting. yay.
2morro is feis (pronounced fesh, its a dance competition) and i am not thrilled. i dont think i'm gonna do very well..... altho i thought that last year and got first in all five dances so who knows. i'll let you know 2morro. but for now, i must go make some toast!
love love love

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  1. I missed you this morning! D: There was actually a sunrise, and it was beautiful! DD:
    (I'll post pictures soon.)
    Those guys from yesterday were eying me suspiciously, though. XD

    I'm jealous of your day. It sounds like fun!
    ...I wish I had something to organize...

    Good luck at your competition tomorrow!

    Oh, also, I looked up the.... Gaaaah, now I can't remember the name!!! D: The thing you found in the coffee shop? Yeah, that thing. I went onto the website yesterday, read up on it, and looked at one of the clues for one in Sunfield. It's at the cemetery! So sometime we're going to have to walk down there~~~.