Wednesday, April 28, 2010

life. what about it? i dunno. yes i'm having a conversation with myself... your point?

song of the day:blue by eiffel 65 <--- soo popular song when i was like in 2nd grade :) i love it tho, so random!!


so this is going to be a short cuz i have to go start dinner, but what do you guys think of the new layout? not sure if i like it as much... maybe i'll post a new one tommorow and see which you guys like? i dunno if i'll keep the name either... feedback??? i do like the pic tho... its my siblings with balloons after our sports banquet back on feb outside my school (barf) oh yeah, keeping this short. so let me describe today really fast then next post will be about cali and az k? k. today. yes. today. errrrrm well... it was school! i got to make a tick beak for a grl in our school play fri

(elementary play!) and oh yeah, i forgot my PE shirt so i just took off my polo and put on my swearshirt so my friend followed me around all day making comments like " Hey Kara, isnt it a little hot to be wearing a sweatshirt? Maybe you should take it off!" and " Whats under your sweatshirt Kara? cuz when you reached for that monkey bar i saw midriff..." yeah, i am so never doing that again!!!!!! lets seeeeeee.... and i got a new straightener (yay) so my hair was straight all day and not blehhhhhhh and wavy.sick. umm i fell asleep in history again and my teacher looked like she might kill me (nothing new) and my painting is almost done! its a polo guy on a horse, hopefully i will have it done on friday!


dooooooooood i'm so bummed cuz i'm grounded from court and plushie for a week (loooong story) so i cant go to youth group tonite :,(! i havent been in like 2 weeks... my evil parents, i swear they delight in my misery!

sorry this is soo boring, my loves, but i must away to make dinner XP


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