Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hit the lights!

song of the day: your guardian angel red jumpsuit apparatus <3 <3 <3

**pic taken yesterday while it rained**

when your day begins a 6:30, you find you can get alot done! here it is a smidge past 11 and i've already watched a sunrise, taken a shower, done hair/makeup, eaten breakfast, cleaned my room, done half a math lesson dowloaded 5 songs, and studied some of my history. whew! this morning my running was alright, my ankle and shin have been bothering me lately so i did more walking and thinking than anything, but it was still nice. i got to the hill around 7:00 and stayed til 7:25ish and watched the lovely sunrise... it was still cloudy so not as breathtaking as it might have been, but it was still incredible. as i was walking back from the hill, i met the owner of a local art place (Tim) and chatted for awhile ( sorry Mom, i talked to a stranger)... he said anytime i want a tour i can just stop by and knock on the door! he had the most adorable dog with him named Henry, an australian somethin or other who licked my face happily as i scractched him behind the ears... dogs are so easy to please!

more later, i gotta go practice dance :/




  1. That picture is so. Cool.!!! Now I wanna go out and take a picture like that. :/ :DD
    I love Tim! :D Hopefully this summer I'll be helping him out with art lessons. (Organizing, cleaning up and such... I'm so pumped!) I didn't know he had a dog... He has this addooorable kitten that he didn't name for months. (I don't know if she even has one yet!)
    I'm jealous of your early day. I was going to wake up at around 7, but I couldn't faaall asleeeep last night. >.<"

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