Sunday, April 4, 2010

life is sexually transmitted and always fatal

song of the day: a song the world can sing out loud by change of pace
k, so the song of the day is one i came across on the lovely which i love to death... its internet radio where you say well i really like here it goes again by ok go, so you type that in and it will generate similar songs... then you can add more artists and songs for variation! its sweeeeeet. so anways, sweet song. not just the music, i like the words too. epicness.
so, easter. wheeeeeeel, we had some stuff at home (egg hunt and reading crucifixion etc), then we went up to a local church for an egg hunt, then we went to my grandmas for ANOTHER egg hunt and food. it was pretty fun. we got to play kickball at my grandmas which was crazy awesome ( heehee i'm such a kid!) and we had icecream with strawberries (real ones, not the kind you get in a jar). and now here i ammm! oh yes, i got a new ring (yesh!) and leah (my sister) got the same one so we've been doing wonder twin powers, activate! all day :) if you dont know what that is, dont ask me. my dad just talks about old cartoons all the time and i guess thats one of them. whatever dad. he's nuts, i swear! he's an incredible singer, he really is... majored in voice actually but never chose to further it which sux cuz he could have been the next josh groban and i could have... well, what, popular friends? expensive clothes? *realization hits me in the forehead like a hammer* i dont want fame. i love my life. i love my friends. i love my house. i love my boxes of notebooks. i love my cat. i love my bed. i love the 50 cent rings on my fingers! so forget it. sorry guys, i tend to think out with my randomness or stop reading :).
pray for my little cousin~please! now i have to start at the beginning i guess cuz this is complicated... so my mother adopted brother from korea (my uncle) had a girlfriend. she got pregnant, he left, we still consider the girl (sophie) to be our cousin and my grandparents consider her to be their grandbaby. with that said, let me also mention that her mom is... okay i'll just be blunt, she is up to her chin the the occult and is a self-declared wiccan and sells spiritually charged amulets on ebay O.o i know. AND sophie lives in a house with all smokers. one of whom (grandma shirley she calls her) had cancer behind her eye and has had it removed. now sophie has seen the black socket where the eye used to be and according to miracle (the mother) it doesnt bother the kid. yeah right. let me also add that this little girl was pantzed at school by some pig-boy a couple weeks ago and is terrified of him. she is in second grade. now to the worst of all part... this little girl is so stressed, she litterally tore out her eye lashes and eyebrows... she RIPPED OUT HER HAIR so that she has bald spots on her head. she's hurting herself at 8 years old!!!!!! my heart just hurts for her... she's so young... please pray for her! she needs it right now... we're going to have her over tuesday night hopefully so she can get away for awhile, but one night wont make it all better :,(. i love you sophie...
love to you all

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