Saturday, April 3, 2010

not gonna lie...

song of the day: dont ask me by ok go
<--- i have a problem, my pics are never from the song of the day.. why? i dunno

i shoulllld be happy~ its rainy and cool and lovely... i have a bag full of little candies... i have a plate full of my decorated cookies... i have a camera full of pictures... thats just it. the camera. my darling dearest youngest demoness friend.... whoops, i mean SISTER there... dropped my camera and it is broken. totally pissed off about that, i'm not gonna lie. let me vent for a few moments ppl, k? k. so i'm going on a trip to cali and AZ and the grandcanyon and the ocean four days after spring break... and i was planning on doing like a photo diary of it ( with my new 4 gig card!) but there goes that idea. i take pictures all the time. not that i'm any good at it, just because i enjoy capturing my life in pictures... sometimes its easier than words. not to mention the fact that this is my third camera in two years that has broke ( 1. randomly died for no reason 2. i tripped up some stairs and fell on it 3. lovely sister dropped it). *sigh. i dont want to talk about this anymore.... :(


changing subjects... to what? not sure... uhhhhh any ideas? let me think, how about this


1. preparing to lead worship for the kids tonite

2. straightening my hair

3. reading my book report book

4. practicing dance

5. telling my darling sister that its okay and i'm not too mad *ahem lying ahem*

6. throwing my shorts in the wash so i can wear them to church

7. closing my window since i'm not allowed to have it open and my parents could come down at any moment

8. ??????????


trying to chill... trying to think of Jesus... trying to breathe... trying to smiiiiiiiile


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