Tuesday, March 30, 2010

try and try again

song the day: God of this city

if i used all my time i could...
1. write a novel
2. photograph something that would change the world's perspective and call everyone to action
3. be closer to God
4. have a clean room
5. actually do my homework on time
6. have a body like Meghan Fox
7. learn korean, french and swahili ( want to learn them all...)
8. be so good at dance that i could go to worlds (dream on...)
9. reread pride and prejudice
10. conquer the world
feeling thoughtful. i think i'll forgo what happened today and think outloud here... so i have this friend named jackie who i recently discovered is pregnant... i was thinking about how much this will change her life forever. like she cant ever go to summer camp again really, which is where we became good friends, and she will never have a normal highschool (she's sophomore like me)... i dont think she's still with the father at all and its just... i dunno. it boggles my mind. i cant imagine having a kid at my age! like would my parents xpect me to buy the diapers? would i have to get a babysitter for the kid if i wanted to go to a friends house? so twisted... why jackie, why?
cool sites:
1. when you want some good music--->http://www.pandora.com
2.when you need a smile--->http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1tXoad/www.incredibox.fr/
3.when you want to zone out http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2zIYgS/www.jacksonpollock.org/
AND... this is shameless, when you just dont know what you want...

peace.love.dried apricots.

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