Saturday, April 10, 2010

these words that i'll never say

its me.again. are you guys sick of hearing every detail of my life yet? because if you are, I have a message for you... GET OVER IT! mwahahahaha. or you could just stop reading? yeah. but then you'd miss out on the awesomeness. so what i was going to say in this post was... well a few things. firstly, i read a book called the mystery of the dog in the night today on the way to/from feis. dumbest book! (spoilers ahead!!) so its from the point of view from an autistic kid, which is interesting... but the book starts that a dog is found stabbed through to the ground with a garden fork thing. and then the boy wants to poke around to figure out whats going on, and discovers

1. that his mother, whom his father told him was DEAD is living far away with the neighbor man, whom she fell in love with

2. his dad stabbed the dog

3. he is afraid his father will murder him too so he leaves for his mums house


secondly, i wanted to mention that i am going to the hill tommorow morning! yay! the last morning until saturday morning, when i may or may not sleep in :/. but yes, i shall drag myself out of bed tomorrow and bring extra bobbypins and paperclips to pick locks... i mean erm to uh explore. yes, we shall leave it at EXPLORE! and thirdly... hmm i know i had something to say... oh yeah!!!!!!!! so our school used to be heinzman school of irish dance, but we merged with a school from canada and are now ardan academy...which means we had canadians running all over today! it was funny because you could immediately tell who was who by the way they said

"aboout!" AND (this amazed me) i actually heard a canadian say "eh"! she was like " Sierra, get your shoes on, eh" and i was like whoaaaaaaaaah. yes, i am easily amused.

okay, off to bed with me!



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