Monday, April 5, 2010

i couldnt breathe to save my life

song of the day: she (for liz) by parachute

what an incredible day... i started the day out somewhat on time okay, 2 hours late but cut me some slack, its spring break! anyways, i got up at 8 and went for a run... parked my bike at the park with some water for when i was done and then i was off. so i ran for like 15 mintutes and then this little voice in my head said "you should go to the hill" sooo i did. and i swear it was like... i dunno how to explain it, if you've ever read stargirl or love stargirl then you know about enchanted places well i think the hill is one. tommorow i plan to get up at 6:30 and run then watch the sunrise... maybe i'll take my camera and try to get some pictures... yes, i am slightly crazy. but i'm very excited... its my incentive for running! my dad says the sun rises around 7 so hopefully i can run till like 6:50 then go to the hill and watch the show...
x not always a good idea to listen to voices in your head... let me just say that so i dont have bloggers off murdering their grandmothers and then coming back and saying "well, shae listens to the voices in HER head, so I listend to the voices in mine.... ever read cage of stars? he listens to the voices in his head and murders two little girls. morbid. but best book ever!!!!!!!!!! anways....x

weeeeeeeeeeeeel went to my grandmas today and earned a twenty for doing garden stuff... and also got two lovely scratches on my right leg from a vicious picker weed freak thing. sick. actually, two large obvious scratches and then a few little ones around them. its funny cuz at the time i didnt even feel it! i dont feel alot of pain in my legs and feet because of dance injuries 24/7, but you'd think i'd have felt this... whatever. i'm strange. psycho. AWESOME!! :)


i must be off to play princesses with my neighbor (jenna) and two little sisters. wish me luck, i'm jaaaaaaaaaasmine :)

love to all

shae.payday.maylay (melee i think is the real spelling...)

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  1. I agree with the hill being an enchanted place... Though I have not been there in the morning, so I doubt I know as well as I could :DD I plan on going there early tomorrow morning, if I can wake up. (I plan on going to bed early tonight!)
    Hey, can you come to youth group tomorrow?