Friday, April 16, 2010

get all the attention, no dancing on the tables required

hee hee. the title is on the back of this bottle of hair stuff mumzy bought me and i find it absolutely hilarious... we were changing into PE uniform today in the grls bathroom and i whip it out to put some in my hair and i read that out loud and the pastors daughter was horrified. well that might have had something to do with my comment of "ooh, if i use it and then dance on tables, i'll get ALLLLLL the attention... right?" i'm so bad. i love seeing those looks on her face :) score one for the bad chick...
so 2mmoro i leave on my trip for CA and AZ with my school. kinda excited, kinda not. excited cuz heck, its away from HERE! its the grand canyon and the ocean and no school for a week, but not excited because its skirts and panty hose and KJV Bible ONLY for a week. so its kind of a two faced vacation. overall, my excitement generally stomps all over the dread but as it gets closer, dread slowly creeps up on me.... but i have promised court and plushie rocks from the grand canyon and a key chain and earings for leah. pretty easy to deal with! and oh! i will briefly sum up here so i can move on, me court and plushie went treasure hunting in some rubble wednesday night and found things such as but not limited to the following: omen flowers, caution tape, an old menu, a boot, and a glass bottle. so the glass bottle (its little) i cleaned up and as i was trying to get the cap to clean up and come off it fell apart in my hands. so i found a cork which fits perfect and i plan to put something extraordinary in it. i wont know what to put there until i see it, then i'm sure i will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. also, my latest project has involved glass and a ring! i found a plain metal ring that fits my pinky finger, and part of a blue glass bottle. so i smashed the bottle into small pieces and am planning on wrapping a piece of glass in wire and somehow putting it on the ring. i need to find my jewelry wire... but the glass looks like some kind of jewel, it really does! so i am xcited
i am also excited about watching the sunrise 2morro morning! not sure who all will be there, prolly courtney and maybe plushie? it will be nice to be in our secret time again at the enchanted hill! luckily our plane doesnt leave till 5 PM 2morro nite so i can go to the hill, watch the sunrise, come home and sleep a little more and then pack anything i forgot. oh, weird random thing here. our chaperone has a kidney stone! read awkward conversation below:
me: hey pastor, how are you feeling
pastor: in a lot of pain
annelise: ouch
pastor: you should try having one something
me: eeeeeeewwwwwww
annelise: no thanks, i'll pass
pastor: yeah, i wish it would pass too!
for those of you who dont get it, lets just say that they cant surgically remove - or dont usually neways- kidney stones, they have to pass and exit the body. yesh. eew. so he ended up going to the er like 5 minutes later... but now he's alrite. yay.
later.. i gotta pack my homies!
PS almost forgot, song of the day: if i am by nine days

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