Sunday, April 11, 2010

i'll be out of my mind, and you'll be out of ideas

song of the day: hot air balloon by owl city

oh dear, oh dear what an excellent day so far! i almost didnt get out of bed this morning, but i dragged myself up anyways and into the morning i rode! by the time i got to the hill, the sky was already orangey pink and courtney and plushie were there. we sat for a little while, then since the saw mill place was closed we went to explore and jumped in mud puddles (xcept plushie cuz he's not as man as me and court are... and he's definitely not a big man) and we climbed piles of logs and dirt... and then we ended up at the tracks where we climbed on the top of train cars and leaped from car to car (yay courtney!!!!! you're so braaaaaaaave!). it was awesome. the only downside was that the top things were ziptied shut so, much to my chagrin, i couldnt pry them open. oh yeah, and about 6 or 7 cars down were realized that courtneys hoodie was back at the car we started at... whoops. so plushie went back and got it for her... then we realized that there WERE gloves with the hoodie at one point, so he had to go back and get those too. haha. work out for plushie day! theeeen we went back to the hill and tried to pick the lock, let me rephrase, plushi tried to pick the lock and was unsucessful... so we tried to get on the roof... also unsuccessful. so then we left. and halfway down the street we heard these horrible shrieks like something was being beaten to death! we soon discovered that it was a tiny puppy (yellow lab maybe?) that was out in the cold... so pretty soon it got stuck between the bars on the porch so me and court had to go get the dude who lived there to help unstick the puppy. i guess he was puppy sitting... but i hope he wasnt gettingpaide bcuz he was doing a lousy job!! poor thing... i wanted to take it home but well that was kinda out of the question. and now, it is 12:18 and soon i shall be riding to the park to meet court and plushie again and we will have an adveeeeeeeeenture!

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