Saturday, April 10, 2010

run for the hills the kitchens on fire!!

song of the day: mario kart love song <3>


Why Feisianna (plural of feis) can be a Pain

1. Its not just your dancing you're worried about, its having your shoes polished, skewering your wig to your head (moaaaaaaaaaan), getting your makeup right, remembering the right socks and gluing them to your legs (no joke, this is called sock glue and its a PAIN!), and trying not to die of heatstroke inside your evil dress

2. the judges are rarely there on time, and when they arent, you have to wait for them

3. sometimes the people helping out have NO clue what they are doing so when you ask them a question like "where's the bathroom?" they may direct you to the pool. big dif.

4.everyone "camps" by their stage (there are anywhere from 2 -> 10 stages) so trying to get from say stage one to stage three quickly, can result in many problems such as but not limited to the following: stepping on someone, tripping over waterbottles, stepping in food and getting tangled in the maze of folding chairs.

and last...

5. some dancers (female, not male) run around in their spankies (like bikini bottoms, cover your underwear bcuz when you kick your skirt goes wooooosh) and tanktops... and these are fifteen sixteen year old girls! this is not a victorias secret fashion show ladies. and whats worse is when big fat ladies do this... *shudder*


but, my day. started at 5 and is still going. we drove for 1 and 1/2 hours to Livonia where there was this big sportsplex (incredible!!) with a pool, a rock wall, treadmills, gymnastics gym, running track, gym for basketball etc, and MORE! crazy. so anyways, we were in what appeared to be a floor hockey ring/ sometimes gym, and it was nuts. we got there about an hour and 1/2 early which is alrite and we helped set up, then me and the sibs got our hair pieces/makeup done and i helped with registration! all i did was when a competitor with a last name a-d came up with their last name, i searched through my files and found their number card. easy peasy. as for my actual dancing, twas much fun. me and the other girls i danced against were being absolute goofs!! the teachers all say to hate "the enemy" but i CANT! so instead i chatted with them and we all agreed that we were going to suck but that was okay. well, i didnt really suck. i did alrite with 3 first and 2 thirds... if this had been a REAL feis ( this was just school feis), i would have moved up in those three dances and been able to get my open dress!!! agh. ohwell, enuf dance jargon!


well, i'm dreading school on monday *whimpers pitifully* and the people there *groans audibly* as they are all very confusing and dumb. i would much rather stay home where i can get up and watch the sunrise... take a long shower... dance for awhile... read.... have an adventure.... i dunno. anything but school. SAVE ME PLEASE!!!



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