Friday, April 9, 2010

if you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be a McGorgeous.

song of the day: everything is alright by motion city soundtrack
hmm for some reason my picture there will only load like that and not right side up. oh well, you look funny with your head turned sideways my lovely bloggers! anyways, i went to goodwill today and got these sweet shoes.... they're kinda strange, but thats me. as you can see they are silver splattered, and they dont tie in the front they tie over to the side which is kinda wacky but that adds to the craziness. loooooove it!
so i didnt get to blog yesterday due to the fact that when i had a chance to blog (ie my internet wasnt turned off) my wonderful parents made me sand my walls, wash my walls, and paint my sisters room. ugh. i had white dust in my hair and clothes and white paint all over my feet. blehhhhhhhh! but back to what i did before that... i went to the hill early morning and met courtney (yay!) and we plotted nefariously, trying to unlock this random building built into the hole with one of my bobby pins... then we tryed to climb on the roof. we carried this cement block to the top, and just as we were getting it in place it rolled back down... so we rolled it up that time and stood on it, but it still wasnt tall enough. just as we were still trying to climb on the roof, a rude man in a pick up truck drove by and motioned for us to go away. thanks mister, good morning to you too!! grouchy much? we were prolly breaking some minor law or somethin.watev. so after that we made plans to go to the coffee shop later, and rode back to our houses. as i rode down my street, i began dreaming of a warm shower and a piece of crunchy toast with extra peanut butter... but when i got home i remembered that i was supposed to be taking the kids for "a run." so i shed my pj pants so i was in my shorts and we (we being me, leah, rachel, abby and doug) started jogging. yeah, about that... jogging lasted about 3 minutes, the rest of the time they preffered to walk. IT WAS FREEZING! my legs were soo numb. and of course they wanted to walk all the way around town, then up to the school to play on the playground (verrry cool by the way, specially the moving blue thingy), then finally home. thank God. At ten, i went up to meet courtney at the coffee shop (we had planned to talk to the owner about changing her hours but... that plan kinda died) where we got cinnamon rolls (yuuuummmmmm) and i beat her at lakewoodopoly (like monopoly... kinda... we didnt really know what we were doing anyways). then we both went home and i spent the rest of my day being tortured. yup, fun. oh yeah, and i went to the dentist. which brings me to this.
1. they tell you to open your mouth, then just assume that you'll be alright with them sticking pokey things in between your teeth
2. they try to have conversations with you, but they always go like this:
"so do you watch american idol ?"
" uh-uh"
" the other night usher was on... and his song was really innappropriate"
" he was singing about, and i quote 'booties and boobies'"
and what they dont realize, is that you dont really want to hear about that! really my dental hygenist told me that yesterday, no joke! and you cant even tell them you dont care because they have sharp things in your mouth and if you close it to form words they'll stick you!
3. they shine a big light in your eyes when they clean your teeth
4. they use gauze to move your tongue out of the way (ewwwwwwww!!!!)
5. they wear gloves (this has more to do with how my dentist puts them on, they're latex so they kinda squeak, then he snaps them so they fit to his wrist... its purely villanous!)
6. they always have some lame radio station on
7. they all have PERFECT teeth.... how much more humiliating can it get?
8. they "polish" your teeth with an electric toothbrush and then scold you when you laugh cuz it tickles!
9. they dont have any good magazines in the waiting room. puh-leez, like i really care who cheated on sandra bullock...
10. they try to convince you that you too should become a dentist, because in a few years you'll be in college, and why not become a dentist? its sooooooooo fun!
i should post this and do another post about today becuz this one is just too long! so, hold tight here comes another one ;)

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