Tuesday, April 13, 2010

epic letdown... bras always make good conversation!

song of the day: until the end by breaking benjamin
it really is. an epic letdown i mean. why? because for a week, i got up and went running.by the end of the week i was up runing, watching the sunrise, and having adventures all before nine o clock! see, theres something magic about being up early. it reminds me of the midnighters, only instead of a secret hour at midnight, theres a secret time from like six to eightish where the rest of the world is clueless, but those of us who know about it get to enjoy just being alive. doing whatever we want because theres just no one there to stop us, now is there? so this week, getting up at 6:40 to do hair/makeup/breakfast/homework/whatever, is sucking majorly. i miss the secret time where everything is magic... now its school. which... i will not complain too much, but i dont like it, lets leave it there. and we have no freedom... i so cant wait til its out for summer.

x x x

in the meantime, let me splain why i didnt post sunday evening, or yesterday. i was kinda sorta maybe vaguely unjustly punished... bcuz i was out with court and plushie rocking the town and got hime ten minutes late. big whoop, its not like i was doing anything dangerous or against the law (sorry mum, that was earlier in the morning when we were in the logging place and on the trains) and ten minutes, really? fine. anyways, so we (me court and plushie) met at the park on sun afternoon (well, kinda. court fell off and took a chunk out of her leg, so we more crossed paths than anything) and got peace tea (epic.) xcept plushie, who got snapple cuz... i dunno, he just did. but i digress. so then we dropped our bikes off at plushie's house and walked to the tracks where we found a carcass of something, a pig maybe? and oh, thebra thing in the title. yesh, that refers to the idea courtney had for her peace tea, to shove it in her bra... and plushie said something about how the guy who was walking by must think it was an awkward conversation and the guy was like " nope. bras always make good conversation!" so we then found a golfball, went to courts house, tried to break it open (didnt happen yet :/), went to the sign to find a letterbox (yaaaay) and walked home. fun. fun.fun. and for the record, if you ever see courtney biting her nails, slap her hand. and if plushie ever does something like this (he's italicized here):

"yeah, so i told her to go away"

" haha, that reminds me of something!"


"can't tell you... its a secret"

you must make him tell the secret. that simple!


okay, well this is getting to be looong and i have to go neways. time to pack :-s hopefully, if i get most of it done my parents might change their minds and let me go to youth group 2mmoro!!!



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  1. Ahh, you've read Midnighters?! Those are my favourite Scott Westerfeld books! <3 I completely agree. I've never thought of it that way, but early morning is definitely like our Secret Hour! But almost better, because it can be even longer. ;)
    (Also, if you liked Midnighters, you should read this. :D http://scottwesterfeld.com/blog/2010/04/from-russia-with-covers/ )
    School does suck.

    And the bra conversation was very funny! Especially, "I feel bad for that guy!" *points* XD