Friday, March 12, 2010

squish the fly, stomp the bugs, punch the air, look hot!!

song of the day: tu amor es un sueno by tercer cielo
<-- taken by moi at arlington... okay, for some reason this just made me laugh...
friday. thank God! and it rained yesterday ^-^ i was soooo happy, something about rain wakes up the little kid in me and makes me go " AHHHH! PUDDLES!!! LET ME OUTSIDE!" plus its means no more snow, atleast for now, which thrills me utterly as i am so sick of winter. so me and my family are going to adopt a kid or two in the next few months, so we have to get up to code and all that crap which includes me getting an egress window since i live in the basement.

What is an egress window good for?
1. when its raining, you can open it a bit and hear/smell/feel the rain
2. when its raining, you can let the poor cat in and your parents wont know ;)
3. when its summer, i can open it and look at the stars
4. it lets in sooooooooo much light, it makes me happy
5. if i ever feel like escaping... no screen baby!
well, tonite was my sports banquet. it was alright, good as can be xpected i guess (XP). i got the hustle award (yay me!) and so did my best friend/worst enemy... pretty cool. i played vball by the way for those of you who are like " did she play ping-pong on a proffesional league, or do water ballet or what?" sorry, not that exciting. altho i do dance... i luv to dance. me, my mom and 2 sisters do irish dance which is... i dunno how to explain it, its seriously a sport tho, those girls in competition are FIERCE! i was sposed to be in a parade for dance 2morro, but talked my mom out of it bcuz i dont feel like getting my dress and wig and blahhhhhhhhh blaaaahhhhhhhh blaaaaaaaaah just to march in a parade and wave at people i dont know. am i making any sense here? so back to the sports banquet... afterwards my family stayed really late and was chilling with the pastor and his fam but i was in the auditorium on the piano bcuz i just got sheet music for drops of jupiter (yay! the piano is soooooooo much fun, awesome chord progression!) and to put it nicely, our piano is dastardly out of tune, so much so that it is painful to play. yup, that bad. so i got to play on an expensive piano!! altho bad thing of the evening~ i had to wear a skirt. sick. i hate skirts. see, i'm a jump in the swamp and catch frogs kinda grl who hate skirts. so wearing a skirt every frappe day for school gets a little madddening!
so i changed the pic at the top because i got so tired of looking atmyself everytime my blog popped up, talk about LAME, who has a giant pic of themself on their blog? i'm such a loser... so i found a pic i took, edited in picnik (dear picnik, i love you most ardently... marry me?) and voila! oh yes, and stole some wisdom from our dear departed martin luther king jr.
its my bed time, so now i bid you adieu.... sleep well, and wish me luck because i have to lead singing for the chitlins at church again 2morro :s... always a character building experience...
as always,

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