Wednesday, March 10, 2010

late again... from wednesday~sorry!

today was alright for your average wednesday... ya know. altho ok, heres what made me mad. so we have chapel on wednesdays and todays message was on " who do you say i am" --that verse, i think its in mark? neways, afterwords our upstanding and most holy superintendent came to the front and said ( i can quote because he does this nearly every week after the message from a dif pastor) " with heads bowed and eyes closed, i just want to ask you a question this morning- insert question- raise your hand if you -insert details- amen, i see that hand, amen. anyone else? amen. father, you see these hands, but more importantly you see our hearts. - insert a few closing words- i pray that you will help us all to - insert details- thank you father. amen." no joke, nearly every week. so back to the point, today he wanted to know if our friends knew we were Christians, and if we felt convicted to be more effective witnesses to them. uh well, i didnt feel convicted. is that totally wrong? nope. i think i do an alright job talking to my friends about God, and God wasnt telling me that i needed to do a whole ton more. so i left my hand down. in the next 5 minutes, my dear and holy superintendent proceeded to blubber in a teary prayer about how it burdened his heart that some of his own students didnt feel the need to witness to their friends. rewind and freeze. okay, that is sooo not what i meant my leaving my hand down. ugh!!! does anyone else see what i see here?


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