Friday, March 26, 2010

memory runs like a hunted thing down the paths i cannot retrace...

song of the day:vanilla twilight by owl city

read the title... this was in a poem we had to memorize lately for school and i thought it was really an incredible line... anyways. so my week in a nutshell, starting with monday

*monday-boring. came home from school. ate dinner. did homework. studied for psycho exams. took a shower.slept

*tuesday-boring. dance. home. ate dinner.did homeword.studied for psycho exams.

*wednesday- unusually horrid. had oodles of homework, and a lesson to prepare (more on that later). oh, and psycho exams to study for. didnt get to go to yg with court :(

*thursday- boring. came home. ate dinner. slept. did homework.went to sleep

which brings us to tonite, which was... intersting. it was a fundraiser for my schools HS trip which is coming up (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) so of course i had to go (agh) and help serve tacos and dump out candy for little kids. whatever. it was alrite at first, boring... but then one of my alltime best friends (see picture, grl on the left, named faith) showed up and she tends to make things a bit crazy... i love her! then, when i thought it couldnt get better, my friends shannon and maggie showed up and completed the party (yayhoo!) so when i wasnt helping with games, we all went outside and took crazy pics of us being nerds (as always) and just in general ran around like crazies. and me and liz (bestfriend/worst enemy) reenacted something that happened years ago... when she was in love with a guy who loved her back... long story, no details for you guys altho (sorry, classified!) anways, it was a good night. oh yeah, except i totally tore a hole in my windpants b/c me and liz noticed how slippery the gym floor was so we took off our shoes, ran as fast as we could then dropped and slid until we stopped, then we struck a pose. so mature XD.
so, my lesson on wednesday. or rather, the lesson i prepared for on wednesday. first of all, i ended up getting a 105% ( yay me!) so i was glad, but let me explain what happened. i had two pages of material to get across... so i made fact sheets so they could totally ditch their books, and we went over electricity, THEN for our review game i supplied everyone with a small straw andthey shot nerds at a target drawn on the board if they got a review question right. epic. so all this planning i had to do however, meant i couldnt go to youth group (sadness....) but next week i'll take the place by storm, look out woooooorrrrrrrrrrlllllllddd!
2morro i get up early to go to a giant garage sale (cuz i'm cheap...) bcuz i need clothes for my HS trip... we cant wear jeans (that rules out half my wardrobe) or shirts with words (there goes a fourth), or shorts above the knee (there goes one eighth...) what does that leave? like 3 shirts and one pair of shorts. tragic. plus i love garage sales in general.... incredible finds!!!!!! alrite, all this to say that i need to go to bed.
love.chocolate lemonade.and some gummies for goodluck
PS the pic is from last years HS trip to DC me and fe were feeling angry at the world... hence my demonic face XD

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