Sunday, March 14, 2010

obama...wisemen... herman....

k, well i'm usually clueless on politics, and today is no exception. however, after a recent cbox conversation, i decided to post a song that my lil sister and i wrote during the election... sung to the tune of my bonnie lies over the ocean.

Obama sailed over the ocean

Obama sailed over the sea

Obama met up with a whale shark

McCain won the presidency

Bring back, bring back oh bring back some morals to me to me

Bring back, bring back, oh bring back some morals to me

We all know McCain is ancient

But come on, Palin's so cool

And just cuz Obama can bring change

It doesn't mean that he should rule

Bring back, bring back, oh bring back some morals to me, to me

Bring back, bring back, oh bring back some morals to me!


voila! we made that up while washing the dishes one day, brilliant, i know ;)


i went to youth group 2nite ( yaaaaaaaaay) which was alot of fun, me and my friend went together and ended up getting there extra early, so we walked around the place ( its huuuuuge) and i showed her my sweet hannah montana mike and made sure to grab my nametag so i could bring it home and "polish" it ahem lose it ahem.... around christmas at youth group, they had these wisemen that they'd use for dodgeball, like instead of a bowling pin they had these two wisemen ( white and black to be non-racist) and it was so funny to watch the wise men get smashed to the ground... i'm sad now tho cuz there's no wise men. *sob.


my poor father... my sisters spilled pickle juice on his laptop (weird right? and i'm thinking if they hadnt been eating nasty slimy floppy pickles in the first place...) and it died! but now he has this adorable tiny lenovo who (or is it whom? who whom... i dunno) i have named Herman. it has this sweet thing called face recognition where it scans your face til it finds your eyes... its totally high tech! see, i'm clueless when it comes to techie stuff, i still cannot even wrap my head around the concept of a thumb drive... how are all my files there?????? how do pages and pages of pictures and words run from my computer to a little thumb sized thing in like 5 seconds??? mind.blown.


2morro is back to Purgatory so i wouldn't mind being shot now to avoid that... but whatever. i'll l et you know how that goes (gaaaaaaag)

well, its bedtime my friends.. i shall speak to thee on the morrow. pleasant dreams.


  1. Whoaa, face recognition? :O That sounds so futuristic!
    I just finished reading a book where this girl went to a website that had her put her finger to her touch-screen, and it recognized her... I can't wrap my mind around that! Does that even exist?

  2. yeah...ikr? it scares me to death... they're also coming out with technology to put a credit card chip in your blackberr/iphone whatever and it you wave it under a bar code thing and it scans and charges.. AHHHH!!!!