Monday, March 1, 2010

maybe tommorow

song of the day: someday nickelback
today i went to the library! yay~ totally the highlight of my day, but more on the crappy day later- back to the library. so its not our town library, its about 15 minutes away from where we live and we almost never get to go there~ so us getting to go is a big thing... go ahead, call me a book geek, s'alright, its true. we went there alot over the summer and once (btween 4 kids) we checked out 64 books! the librarians think we're crazy... and i think they hate us because all that swiping under the barcode and stamping really wears on those wrinkly arms of theres. and this is what i got:

1. Peter and the secret of rundoon ( for my book report ^-^)

2. Dream factory

3. My most excellent year ( looks incredible)

4. A great call of china ( not sure, looked interesting)

5. Scrambled Eggs at Midnight ( AHHHHHHHHH! BEST EVER!!!)

6.This lullaby ( on tape yay!)

7. Dreamland ( also on tape)

so i know what i will be doing for the next few days...


but about my crappy day. we have these stupid things called SATs at our school, but unlike most schools where you take them to get IN, we take them every flippin year! there are 8 of these wonderful tests ranging from social science, to vocabulary, and they take FOREVER. can you tell i'm not happy about taking them? no sir. or ma'am. or whoever you are.


so maybe tommorow will be the day i've been waiting for. i dunno WHAT i'm waiting for, but maybe it'll happen 2morrow. its just... nothing special ever happens, i am one of 3 sophomores in a school of 40 kids ( k->12) so i dont ever get invited to parties, i cant go to prom ( school rule) , my parents won't let me get a cell phone, i dont have a boyfriend and dont expect to have one anytime in the near future... whats left? oh yeah, the rest of my boring life. but maybe tommorow... maybe my life will suddenly be untangled and i will know who i like and what i want to be and who i am for now... maybe tommorow i will find what i am looking for and become someone new entirely. but until then, i'm here. blogging my life.

until then,


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  1. Hold on, hold on, hold on... Your school doesn't ALLOW you to go to prom?!