Sunday, March 14, 2010

so wrong, so wrong, so wrong.. sooooo riiiiiiiiight!

song of the day:she will be loved, maroon 5
****its sunday. its rainy. its wonderful.****
its one of those days where all you want to do is curl up under your covers with a good book and doze the day away... its gloomy, but in a good way. but before i go on and on about today, let me tell you about yesterday. i was sposed to be in a parade but... yeah, convinced my mother to let me skip ( good since it was cold and rainy, and prolly would have ruined my dress and wig which are verrrrrrrry expensive) so we went to the expo. my little sister had to hand out branch adventures brochures, but the rest of us were free to do whatever we wanted... which was good because his cross our sword/ATI ( the band from branch adventures... i love those guys!) was playing and they epically rocked! when me and some staff kids (mackenna, salem,abby, and some other blondie) werent rocking out, we toured. picking up candy, thumbing through cheesy brochures, giggling at the large woman working up a sweat as they zumba danced up on the stage~note. if you are ever going to wear a tanktop and dance around with your arms up, shave your pits! this poor woman was totally into her dancing, but... creeeeeeeeeeeepy. basically, the expo was fun.
no, we are not seventh day adventists. honestly. we just go to church saturday nights bcuz that works best for us... my school totally hates the idea but... anyways we go saturdays. so after the expo, we came home for like an hour and headed to church. i had to lead the kids singing and verse which actually went pretty well, the kids were entergetic and cooperative.... i was the only one with a problem. halfway through, my hannah montana-esque mic flew off from around my ear and hit me in the back of my head! so as soon as it was time for the verse i was yelling, trying to get the kids to shut up already so i could talk without the mic, when my dear mumsy came up and saved the day~finding my mic , which was now resting safely on my shoulder, and hooking it back around my ear.... hahahaha. would have been embarassing to anyone else, but i dont have much dignity, so i just laughed...
*sigh. i have yet another crush.on a geek. total, utter, complete geek. and a grade below me (agh) altho he's my age and is taking segment 2 already ( soooooooo jealous) and the thing is, in all honesty, he's not really cute. but when you spend alot of time with someone ( he does tech for me, so he's always around), you realize you dont care what they look like... and i dont. i've given up on hot guys, they're so unattainable! so give me a mediocre looking guy with a good sense of humor who loves God, and will ocasionally buy me a raspberry ice cream and i'm dazzled :).
later gators.


  1. I agree with you about the perfect Sunday morning! We didn't go to church today (my mom's exhausted, and Daylight Savings and all), so when I woke up I just lay in bed reading for an hour, with my electric blanket, the draft coming from my window, my kitty at my feet... It was perfect. ^w^
    I wish our church had Saturday night services.

  2. ahh! you posted at exactly 1:11! make a wish... i'm jealous, my electic blanket died... i have a way of killing things, i need one of those sergeant general's warnings tatooed across my forehead!