Monday, March 8, 2010

a little late

this was mondays post but my computer freaked out so heres it 2 days late

song of the day:confidence by teddy geiger

Its monday, and i officially deem monday random day. so.


1. My mom finally bought me oyster crackers ^-^

2. Timbuktu is a real place~honestly. and we sang if you're saved and you know it in their language today... Timbuktuin?

3. My best friend/worst enemy called my teacher Mom... weird, he's a guy

4. I found my old cat stuffed animal~yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

5. I heard a joke about a duck. it wasn't funny.


so i dont usually do this, but i'm not feeling like writing about my life, so here's a poem i wrote instead...

this is the beginning of the end

all the rules we know begin to bend

and parting now we go our seperate ways

hoping we will meet again someday

the times we shared, the memories made remain

but life as we once knew will slowly fade

til all we have is empty smiles in vain

and pictures smudged and wrinkled from the rain


i'll post about life tommorrow xcept to say this~ he didnt leave.




  1. it is completely okay if you do not wish to share because you may think i am a stalker or something but can i ask you what state you are from? *i assure you i am not a stalker*
    Just curious about how far the Madness is spreading. It's like mad cow but more like mad tea?

  2. haha. no, i dont think you are a stalker, i;m from MI, i live across the street from courtney actually... mad tea? maybe thats what caused mad cow disease. the cows were having a lovely tea party one day, and someone slipped some arsenic into the tea... who knows.

  3. ? That scenario is a possibility and as much as that comes to my embarrassment, i find a slight unlikelihood that you still found my blog. so you're still foreign to me ;) How did you come across it anyways?

  4. well, i linked to your blog from court once and was like cool but i never went back because i dunno, just didnt. then i was doing the "next blog" thing and found it and actually read it... thats my story!

  5. Bien sur! Je comprend :] Tu as besoin de parler a quelqu'un, nous pouvons parler. :]
    I sing and play guitar for my church's youth and sunday morning worship bands btw. I read your latest blog.