Monday, March 15, 2010

two words made my day...

song of the day: walk away by kelly clarkson

welllllllllll its monday, and you know what that means~random day! if you werent with me last week, thats when i proclaimed it so.


1. my best guy friend colored my old tennis shoes with hot pink sharpie stripes then added embellishments with white out.... they look totally sweet

2. i got busted for doing front handsprings in the hall again...

3. i named my fishies: edmund, harvey, ella, marigold, zelda, david and brinkley

4. the sky is BLUE!

5. two words made my day...


let me explain the 2 words thing... ok, so theres this thing that if you help out at the local church dinner on certain nights, you get a free pass to disneyland for a day... so me and my mumsy went to help out. well, i got stuck scooping coleslaw (siiiiiiiick), and pouring glasses of milk, water, and coffee for people i didnt know. somewhere along that time, some guys from this really coool place that takes in teenage guys with no where to go showed up. now none of them were like WHOAH but there was one who was tall and blonde and deathly sarcastic who i found myself watching just because he was hilarious. so imagine me, elbow deep in coleslaw as i scooped it into these little plastic containers and him waiting to go around with the cookie tray AGAIN, standing in semi-awkward silence as i continued to scoop. i was about to ask what his name was, when all of the sudden he blurts "you're gorgeous" smiling shyly. as he said this, i SWEAR time slowed down too a crawl and i felt this rush from my head to my toes and i smiled like an idiot and said "thank you, so whats your name?" like a complete retard. he told me his name was DJ and that he went to the local public school (for the last 2 months i guess) but i was still in shock because... well, i dont think i am! gorgeous i mean... and i'm not saying that because i want people to be like " ohh yes you are!" i dont do crap like that, i say it because i'm serious... because today on a day when i feel anything but gorgeous, some crazy sarcastic kinda morbid blonde dude told me i was. and he didnt say hot, which always erks me because.... i dunno, just sounds sleazy, he said gorgeous. thank you random stranger, DJ, i may never see you again but you made my day. thanks :). i wil blog about the rest of my crazy day later, but now i must awsay to my homework (eew)

love, peace, and an eternal supply of pink lemonade,


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