Sunday, March 28, 2010

cage of stars...

song of the day:skyway avenue by we the kings
i've had this as the song of the day before i'm sure, but this morning when i woke up my siblings were singing it loudly so i think that qualifies it as song of the day material. well, the garage sale was pretty good, i got 2 rings (yaaaaaaay), and some clothes (not much)... let me stop for a moment as i dont think i've ever mentioned my love affair with rings.... well, i am now mentioning it! i love rings. forget necklaces and bracelets (altho i do like them), i'd choose rings over them anyday. plastic ones are my current fave, i get them from a semi-local chinese restaurant for fifty cents each, but i bought some great ones that were normal (not plastic) from the garage sale. lovelovelove.
questions for anyone who reads:
1. what do birds do in the spring before they make nests and their old ones are shot... where do they sleep?
2. do birds communicate as we do? what do they say as they sit in the tops of the trees and chatter happily?
3. do birds ever wish they could run like humans do? because we all wish we could fly like birds and the grass is always greener, right?
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