Tuesday, March 2, 2010

call it chicken salad!

song of the day: run away by cartel
so i totally made a new blog today! dont worry, i'm not abandoning this one~ its a blog for book reviews cuz i go through books like a fat kid goes through donuts in a bakery but i never remember the titles so i can read them again... totally annoying. so i invented a book blog more for my own sake than anything i guess.
today was alrite... you know, just the norm. school with my bestfriend/worstenemy and other stupid classmates. luckily SATs end tommorow (yay!) so we can finally have a norm schedule again! man~ its been so messed up lately! but really, this week is going by so slowly! is it really only tuesday? sooo weird! like really, i could have sworn it was atleast thursday... agh. i hate that. see usually these weeks fly by, but for some reason this one is like in slow mo! i live for the weekends to sleep, but on the weekends i live for the week so i can get back to the stupid drama that awaits within the doors of a place called Purgatory. or school. call it what you like. i know, that makes no sense. welcome to my world. well, nothing great happened. i didnt get smacked in the forehead with any revelations of incredibleness or insight so i'm still a bit lost, but if it was perfect, would life be any fun? maybe. if perfect was all we knew, then we wouldnt know what we were missing, would we? so it might not be so bad. but if we had had even 2 minutes of life now, we would never be satisfied with perfect because you learn that the crap you have to go through makes the ending so much sweeter. so what is perfect anyways? is it something that can be achieved, caught and kept in a jar so we can marvel and let a little bit out at a time? or is it always out of reach, not even worth reaching for? *sigh. my brain hurts. i have to go to bed bcuz i have to get up at 4:30 to watch my sibs... long story involvins surgery and my fathers work, but i dont have time to tell it today. later.
-- the grl with so many questions.

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