Saturday, February 27, 2010

wishing, wanting, yours for the taking

song of the day: goodnight gravity, by falling up

hey! guess what? i survived another day!!!!!! thank God we go to church on saturday night ( no we are NOT seventh day adventists...) so i can sleep in sat AND sun, unlike most of my friends who have to get up at like 8 oclock so they can rush off to church. plus my church is really laid back, ie you can wear whatever you want and not get a weird look from an old person, and the music is loud and they give out cookies :) totally a good reason to go. every other week i do singing for the kids, so i get this sweet looking hannah montana headset to sing into, and i demonstrate motions and we go over the bible verse. pretty easy, and its fun because i get to hang out with my friends afterwards... and there is this ADORABLE tech guy (who i will call Shaggy for the time being) who is soooooooooooo fine! and there's a nother techie who's a total geek, so i'll call him Geek, but i have a tiny crush on him... but the kid i hang out with all the time is a chick i will refer to as Blondie. we usually walk around and scrounge for food.... pretty cool. hahaha! last week, we were walking around and i saw this guy who was totally into this thick book which i assumed was a book on blood and gore... when i walked by i glanced at the cover andwas SHOCKED to see two people soaking wet about to kiss. Oh my. Mind blown! Needless to say, me and Blondie had a good laugh over all that :) alrite well i could to go on forever but i have to go sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!

lots of love to my non-existent audience,


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