Thursday, July 29, 2010

when you're feelin low lower than the ground and you feel like you dont have a chance

anyone recognize my title? blog points to anyone who can figure this out... and i'll post YOU ARE AMAZING on your blog in big letters on your cbox, and no fair cheating like looking it up, either you know it or you dont. give me the title of the song, and what movie (hint hint) its from... good luck %%- (four leaf clover)
I GOT SILLY BANDZZZ a purple penguin (haaaa ironic) and an orange seal :3 i feel way cool now... what i really want are dinosaurs tho, epic. well today should be fuuuun~ not. my dad woke me up at 9:00 ( we're leaving, you gotta get up and babysit) so i rolled over and said alrite i'll be up in a minute. so ten minutes later, i come upstairs and get informed that since i wasnt upstairs before the parents left, leah is now in charge and not me. :/ i was not happy. but now im like alrite... took a 30 minute shower, made a mess in the kitchen, lounging around in my pjs all while listening to leah try to contrl the sibs~ ooooh i could get used to this ;). the only downside is that i dont get paid, but thats alrite. im not particularly needing money for anything at the moment... so later today we get our korean students from MSU. they will stay tonite and tommorow nite and return to MSU sunday nite... we've been doing this for 6 years now so its nothing new, but its still always an adventure. its fun tho, we learn alot of culture and some basic language skills so tahts really cool... but it also means we have to be on our best behavior 24/7 meh.
laaaaaaaaaaa la la la. so did i mention i got a guitar? ive been having all sorts of crazy fun with it~ i totally suck, but its all good you gotta start somewhere. plus i was majorly sick of piano so its nice to have a change. and i have some songs i've done that have been dying for some guitar and NO MORE PIANO ( its the effect, you know?) so thats nice too.... and im noticing a pattern, like a zillion songs have the same chord pattern which is interesting O.o
i need to stop reading harry potter before i go to bed. i was reading the goblet of fire last nite, and this morning i woke up and remembered i had this crazy dream that i went over to clean these ppls house, but there was no one there and i was like what the cookies? so i go outside and they have this giant bean garden (court and plushie, can you think where THAT came from...) and im like imma go pick some and eat em! so to do this i had to stand on their car and hop on the roof ( yes, beans on the roof) and i looked into the car and there were the ppl, dead with a horrified expression on their faces... then i looked over and there was a giant snake coming towards me... then i woke up. weird.
in other news, i got a formspring thing and am having oodles of fun with it, so if you wanna ask me some questions, search me under .:kara:. and ask away ;)


  1. lol, so I searched formspring for .:Kara:. and I came up with over 5700 profiles, wanna just give me a link to yours? :P

    FB is less priv now, so you can see wall posts and stuff and even post on mine now too if you want :)

    I can't wait to see you again, and check my latest wall post for my awesome new news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking excited

  2. Ahh, oh em gee. THE PACIFIER! lol