Saturday, July 17, 2010

the least they ever gave you was the most you ever knew

song of the day: accoustic # 3 by the goo goo dolls

haaaay. ive decided i am devoting myself to atleast one post every two days or i know i will just stop posting alltogether. so today has been alrite so far, okay lemme rephrase, today has been WOWZA AWESOME so far, atleast my early morningness, and the rest of today should be interesting... we have 2 college guys from prince mohammed college (theyre at MSU rite now) coming over for lunch :/ this will be an adventure, i guess they dont ever really touch girls at all so no handshakes or anything. hmm.
once again i am reading my very favoritest book ever~ cage of stars by jacquelyn mitchard. and my other two favoritests books, prisoner of azkaban and truth about forever. happpppy. oh~ confession. declaration. scott westerfield is a GENIUS. i swear, if you havent read his stuff you are REALLY missing out. i love how in all of his books theres the idea that you have to question the ppl in charge, have to question the norm, think outside the box and take matters into your own hands. i dont know how someone could have such an incredible mind.
okeee mums making me get off... ill tell you all about our college friends later. k? k.
gummies and mucho mucho pink lemonade ;)

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