Tuesday, July 27, 2010

and honestly have no words to say...

song of the day: heartbeat by remedy drive
i has a guitar and a mousie! my guitar i actually got for free from an old teacher of mine (mrs carr for those of you who know her) because i helped out at her garage sale, and i just recently got the thing tuned and strung so now i can play!! alrite so it doesnt sound all that great, but its a challenge. i am SOOO sick of piano its nice to have a change! plus with guitar you can take it wherever you want whereas a piano... not so much. and i really cant read music... how sad is that? ive been playing piano like 5 years and can't read music? well i can, but i cant. like i COULD if i worked really hard at it and wanted to spend forever,but i generally just memorize the sheet music for the songs i like so i dont have to deal with it again :/ yes, i know i am messed up. so so far all i have to worry about it chord names with guitar, im not worrying about finger picking and all that yet. so i can play teardrops on my guitar and beautiful eyes (both by tay swift), collide (howie day), bubbly (colbie caillat) and i think thats about it. all of them have basically the same chord progressions so its all good. and i have WORSHIP CAMP next week woot woot~ put your haaaaands up! hey PW are you coming or what? i havent heard anything from anyone about it...
my mousie. i have named him/her jacopo. it is currently somewhere in my room, i suspect under my dresser as that is where i have been leaving oyster crackers and then they are gone. he ran out of my room the other day and my mum SCREAMED and was all time to buy traps! but they didnt yet, so i;m really hoping to catch him so i can let him go outside. id like to keep him, but i dont think he'd be very since he's used to the great outdoors. speaking of which im not sure exactly how he got in. i mean yeah i got some ideas... but who knows.
in other news, ive been having drivers training lately. i hate it. i cant wait to get a lisence, like i really want to get one, but i hate all this sitting. and my teacher is NUTS! this guy... *sigh. most of you (court and plushie) have heard all about his craziness so i wont go into details but really he's nuts, plain and simple.
oh man. that is all i can say.
love love love and love again
PS go to this site, trust me, you will be WOWED. if you ever want to make me smile, just buy me something from here!! im really digging the bacon bandaids :3

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