Monday, July 12, 2010

this is a post, no really

this is a post. summer is going well. lots of things have happened. i am a closed book tho. can't tell. secrets. i am also. writing in short choppy. discombobulated sentances. just to annoy you all. im mean like that. im mean in general. its a gift. so... now what. okay, maybe ill be nice for a minute or so.
so we went to see toystory3 yesterday, that was rly cute~ i liked it. the ken guy in it is absolutely hilarious, at the end woody reads this note on nice stationary with bubbly hand writing and lots of little hearts everywhere and someones like " wow, barbie has great handwriting." and some else is like " uh thats not barbie... and at the bottom is says 'love,ken' " hahaha. it was goofy, and vaguely violent for disney but i liked it all the same. so since we were in GL already we went to Lickety Split for ice cream (omw, so many memories there....) and decided to drive by our *sniffle* old house... i thought i was going to cry! as we drove around i saw the house where my best friend used to live, the house where kim dave and their dog lived ( really great ppl, like my best adult friends i adored them), the place where old decrepit bessie lived... she had this great trampoline she let me jump on... then our house... my favorite house that we've lived in. even tho we only lived there about 4 years and i was young, its where most of my memories are... then we passed diane and mikes house... and mickey, their son was outside on the phone~ 200 pounds heavier than when i last saw him! haha, funny story. i had the biggest crush on this kid when we lived there, i was like 5 at the time and he was like the bomb~ i used to sing the "hey mickey you're so fine..." song under my breath. at the time he was like 15 too so it was really funny. oh man, i could go on forever here stuck in my memories, but i wont. ill leave and finish ebay stuff!

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