Thursday, July 22, 2010

parents and other unecessary evils

song of the day: here in your arms by hellogoodbye
hey. i'm really not very happy with my parents right now, they... man they have done a lot, but lately they have become ridiculously controlling and I don't even know why. I don't understand most of their decisions, let alone AGREE and I have made that very clear to dear Father but since i'm just a teenager, it doesnt really matter what *I* say now does it? nope. my input is pretty much invalid~! but it was worth a try, maybe. also, other peoples parents are being dumb too. okay parent singular. what is the thing that parents dont want their kids to enjoy life so they pull all priveleges? or the one that makes their kids really happy, the important one... *sigh. so, parents? listen to your kids, they know more than you think and understand more than you do in all your parental wisdom some times. deal with it alrite? it wont kill you to listen to me, to trust me, to think that maybe sometimes my mind isnt ravaged by hormones like you all assume. I have a brain and sometimes, I use it more often than you.
i am so drained today. even my mom mentioned that my eyes were bloodshot~ in the end i dont care tho, its all worth it. that wont make sense to most of you but... alrite. anyways. so today has been interesting, i got up around 8 to babysit then fell asleep in the shower, then i went downstairs to get out of my pjs and ended up falling asleep yet again... when i woke up i was like oh SNAP the kids are upstairs arent i rushed upstairs and luckily they were still watching TV and werent like murdering each other. well the rest of my babysitting went fairly well, and when mum got home i stumbled downstairs and crashed for a while then came upstairs, made myself a chili dog (well kinda.. taco meat on a hot dog), ate an apple and now here i be! so, my bloggers, the world will keep turning and people will keep living their lives but today more than any other day i wish i could just pause it all and breathe.


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